Tablet stuck on Android screen Fix 354

I am sure that you have been combing the internet in search of a solution to the issue of your Android tablet stuck on the Android logo or your tablet stuck on Android screen without much success, we too have been there and we have found the solution to this annoying and prevalent issue on Android tablets. Rest assured we have the fix and you should be leaving here today with your tablet that is now broken in working condition once again.

The Issue in detail


The problem usually presents itself like this: you boot up your tablet and the tablet reaches the Android logo and hangs there and never moves. If you attempt to restart or reset the tablet through the Android recovery mode that too does not help and the tablet is basically useless as it will not start-up.

tablet stuck on android screen

Tablet Stuck on Android Boot Logo

Why is my tablet stuck on the Android Screen?

The issue is caused by a corrupted or none functioning Android operating system and the only way to get your device back to a functional state is to reflash the original firmware or a compatible version.

Devices that This will work on

This will work on any Android tablet with the issue, however it works best with tablets that look like the Alldaymall A13 MID or the Irulu AK304 which we have tested this on and others, it’s a simple matter of finding the correct firmware.

tablet stuck on android screen

My Irulu AK304 after Flashing fully functional again

tablet stuck on android screen

Better than new with some touches

What will I need to fix this Issue?

You will need:

1. A MicroSD Card.

2. A means of connecting the MicroSD card to the PC/a MicroSD Card to USB converter

3. Your Tablets Firmware:

Alldaymall A13 MID Firmware: Click here

Irulu AK304 Firmware: Click here

Other Tablets Search for your firmware here 

4. Download the Phoenix Card tool here

How to Fix your tablet that is Stuck on the Android Logo?

1. You will need to get the relevant items from the list above that includes the MicroSD card, the SDCard adapter,phoenix card tool and your appropriate firmware for your model tablet. I have also included a video that actually shows you what to do step by step so it would help greatly for you to watch that along with this guide.


2. For reference and the sake of this guide I will be referring to the Alldaymall A13 MID tablet but remember that this will work on any similar looking tablet despite the brand. You will first need to open the Alldaymall tablet and look at the motherboard and copy the board ID number so that you can find the specific firmware. My Alldaymall A13 MID motherboard ID number was: Q8-V12 and using the website above I searched and found the appropriate firmware. Once you find your ID number you can do the same and find the appropriate firmware.

The other solution if you are not comfortable with opening up your tablet would be to try my specific firmware or others until you find the correct one.

3. Connect the MicroSD card to the computer using the adapter and Extract the downloaded Phoenix Tool and open the folder and find the green Phoenix tool icon that looks like a folder and click it. From here it should look like this:

tablet stuck on android screen

Phoenix Card tool Interface

Under Disk make sure that the drive letter of your MicroSD card is displayed, you will now need to unzip or unRaR your Firmware file and use the IMG button in Phoenix tool to browse for the file and select it. Make sure that write mode is set to Product and hit the button that says format to normal. After formatting completes then hit clear to get rid of the notifications and then Burn. Allow the process to complete and then when finished remove the MicroSD card.

Trouble shooting Phoenix Card tools Issues

If for some reason the phoenix card tool is giving you issues or errors try the following:

  • Manually format the MicroSD card from windows
  • Change the SD card that you are using it might be faulty
  • Re download the Firmware file or try another

4. Insert the MicroSD card into the tablet that is stuck on the Android screen and power on the tablet. There is nothing that you will need to do now but sit back and allow the bootable MicroSD card to automatically format or flash your tablet. It might take a little time to get started at first but allow it to do its thing and finish completely.

5. Once completed remove your SDCard and allow the tablet to boot and it should boot up fully. Remember once the firmware is correct touch and all your tablet features will work, if the firmware is incorrect the touch interface will be unresponsive and you will need another firmware.

tablet stuck on android screen

Finished !!!!

Also if your tablet is in a strange language fret not, all you will need to do is navigate settings and change the language back to good old English. Also if this method of flashing your tablet is not working then try this alternative method here with the firmware file.

I hope that our tutorial was helpful in getting your bricked tablet back to life and allowing you to fully start up your device and ultimately saved you from buying a new one. Well the only thing that I ask is that you now take the time to comment, we would love to know if this actually worked for you after all imagined if someone else had this issue and was wondering if this worked you could be a hero also by just confirming if this works or not, so go ahead and leave a comment.

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354 thoughts on “Tablet stuck on Android screen Fix

  • Ellie Powers

    OK, did everything u said and it’s showing wiping data, Formatting/data. Nothing is happening. It’s been 10 minutes now, and still nothing is happening.. Please help.. Ty

    • Ricardo Gardener Post author

      Be patient it may take up to 20 minutes or so, also I hope that you checked the serial number of your tablets motherboard to make sure you are flashing the correct firmware as flashing the wrong firmware can cause issues such as the process not been able to complete. If nothing happens after a while start over and check the firmware you downloaded and attempt to flash again. Any further issues don’t hesitate to contact me.

      • Ellie Powers

        OK, I did the procedure over again, but I don’t understand what u mean firmware flashing. Where would I find the serial number of the mother board? And how can I check the firmware downloaded when I didn’t down load anything since tablet started all this trouble..

        • Ricardo Gardener Post author

          Did you read the tutorial all the way through? To find the firmware that you need you need to open the tablet and get the motherboard number which will tell you the specific File you need to flash (Firmware) then you can search for it in the links given above, otherwise you could take a shot in the dark by using the file that worked for me if you are not comfortable with opening the device but if its wrong it may not work. Watch the video too its helps allot.

          • Tony

            Hello Ricardo, pls help:
            Procesor Rockchip 3026
            Brand FOXSKY
            No ID board
            thnx in advance

        • Ricardo Gardener Post author

          Sorry about the confusion the Password is: oilmobile , you need to use WinRAR to extract, I am guessing if you are using something else this might be the issue as I downloaded the files again just to check and they extract fine -using the given password.

          • mehar

            passeord work but this firmware not work on my tablet . touch not response!!!!
            and the 1st firmware says on 99% boot that
            sprite update error;fail to open part file@
            card 0k
            please tell me what to do?

          • Ricardo Gardener Post author

            As I mentioned you must use the correct firmware, the only way to find your correct firmware is to open your tablet and get the correct motherboard ID number and search for the firmware according to the ID number given or use Google to find a compatible firmware according to the ID number that phoenix Card will flash.
            If the firmware loads only part way then recreate the bootable card and try again but make sure you have the correct firmware. If the firmware is flashed and touch is unresponsive then you were very close in finding the correct firmware but the drivers were not correct so touch is not functioning -again you need to find your exact firmware Google is your friend.

          • mehar

            please share firmware for this tablet
            board id: f761s-mainboard-v2.0.0
            topwise-013 2013/08/28

            with sim slot 7 inch tablet

            MICRODIGIT 3G WIFI TAB M7500

        • Ricardo Gardener Post author

          It does work trust me, the thing is you may need to repeat the process a few time of creating the bootable flash drive before it actually works properly, some times creating it once seems not to go correctly so you may have to try several times. Also please be specific when you say your tablet that would help greatly.

      • arash

        I have a axtrom axpad 7e01+ and I can’t get log in because I forgot the password what do I do? please help how do I restart to factory setting thank you

    • Ricardo Gardener Post author

      Update: I was a bit confused when you asked about a Password and I downloaded the file again just to test if it was locked and the first one is not locked but the second firmware is, the Password for that as I said is:”oilmobile” without the quotes I tested it just to make sure that the password is correct,Use WinRAR and right click the file and extract here, again if it asks for a password use: oilmobile.

    • Ricardo Gardener Post author

      You don’t need me for finding the file simply Google your tablet specific brand and search for a firmware file the supported format you need is a .img file as the files above and you are good to go.

  • Raven

    your link for firmaware search is suspended bro…. and i cant get hold of a new link where i can download the firmware…can you help me?its been a week since the tablet got stuck on the boot loop…

    Device:Lenovo A3500-HV
    OS Version:4.2.2
    Android ID:JDQ39

    thats all i can get cuz im too scared to open the tab..pls help me…(the tablet is not mine and i feel bad for my cousin for the tablet)

    • Ricardo Gardener Post author

      The Broken links are now fixed my friend sorry for the delay as I had to find the files again and upload them to a service to facilitate the downloads, I don’t think it will happen again that other service was not being hosted by me but this one is. Thanks again for the heads up about the links God bless and any issue contact me at any time.

  • Barbara Irvin

    I have a Scorpio Tech Xtreme Tab. I was working fine then started closing apps randomly, then kept coming up with uid inconsistancies- wipe data… Looked around and everything said to do a factory reset which I did. It worked great for a day then again started closing apps randomly then lines across the screen and shut down. Now when I try to turn it on it is stuck on black screen with android “green guy” . from everything I can find it looks like I need to flash the firmware to try to get it going again. I’ve tried contacting the company with no answer. I cannot find firmware- could you help me out? I have Pheonix card downloaded and ready to go but cannot find firmware Here is all the info I can give you about the tablet

    Tablet Processor: _RK3188 Quad Cortex A9 up to 1.8GHz_____________
    I think the firmware # is FW: 20131037918 (# under bacode inside)
    Board ID: HCQ9V1.3_______________

    Brand Name: Scorpio Technologies Xtreme Tab_____________

    Touch screen YTG-P97002-F1

    CPU: RK3188 Quad Cortex A9 up to 1.8GHz

    GPU: Mali-400 MP4 GPU 600MHZ OpenGL ES1.1/2.0(AMD Z430)

    RAM: 2GB DDR3

    ROM: 16GB (Can be up to 32GB)



    DISPLAY: 9.7″IPS 2048*1536 Retina LCD ten Touch capacitor panel

    WIFI: highperformance 802.11b/g


    OPERATING SYSTEM: Android 4.2 (Jelly Bean) the system info on the tab itself said 4.2.2
    KEYBOARD: Touch screen
    BATTERY TYPE: 8000mAH / 3.7V lipo battery
    BATTERY / RUN TIME: working time: about 7-8 hours (Playing video)
    VOLTAGE REQUIRED: 100/240V AC Adapter
    G SENSOR: Four-Ways, MMA7660/3D
    CAMERAS: Dual Cameras/ Front 2.0MP, Back 5.0MP
    KEYBOARD: Touchable Button: Sound control,turn on/off,BACK,
    HDMI: Yes
    USB: 2.0

    INPUT OUTPUT /PORTS: Mini USB Port/Adapter





    I appreciate any help you can give me….
    Thank you very much,

  • peter

    thank you for the tutorial. it was very clear. but i want to ask something… the chinese tablet i have cannot be opened therefore i cannot see which firmware to download. ANOTHER problem i have is, its stuck on the android logo and i cannot turn the tablet off

    • Ricardo Gardener Post author

      It can be turned off, long press the Power button and it should power down, Also every tablet can be opened-how else did they the manufacturer assemble it? If you are not comfortable opening it still that’s understandable.I at least need the brand and the what ever else you can mention about it as that might help in me finding the firmware no guarantees though.

      • peter

        thank you for the reply…. yes i got the tablet to turn off…. and when i mean i can’t open it, i mean i can’t find a parting by which to pry apart the tablet… i can kind of see a parting, but im not sure whether it is the one used to open it…. if i describe it, could you help me with finding the firmware? it does not have a brand name marked on it (sadly, I lost the box it came in), its a 10 inch tablet, it has a black border around the screen. it has a home button similar to the one on the iPad and iPhones except its a physical button and not a touch sensor. the button itself has a square on it like on apple devices. it has a reset button on the side (i tried to reset it, its still stuck on the android screen) and all the usual buttons which are there like on any tablet. it also has a switch to turn wifi on and off. in addition, it also has a ethernet port, 2 USB ports, a slot for TF card and an HDMI port…. if you are have any difficulties i can upload pictures of it for you to see… thank you again 🙂

        • Ricardo Gardener Post author

          Thanks for the detailed description however without unique hardware information its still shooting in the dark your best bet is to open it and use the info inside to track down make and model and firmware if any exists. Sorry I was not able to provide a better solution.

  • John

    Hi Mr. Ricardo Gardener can you please help me in finding a firmware for my tablet kinda hard to find one in the net processor is A-13 and board is 94V-0 E302652. thanks if you have one.

  • JOHN C.

    Hi Ricardo Gardener I don’t know if you have read my comment I’m having trouble finding the right firmware for my TAB
    its a A-13 with a board ID 94V-0 E302652.

  • Dorothy McCoy

    we are trying to set up our tablet ,get to select runtime it said use Dalvik or Use ART now the screen say Tablet P C keep moving Forward now it will not do anything can not get back to anything it is in German so how do we fix it so it will run????

  • Kiran raj

    bro, i have a micromax canvas hd a116, i rooted my phone and then i tried rebooting the device but it got stuck in the canvas HD logo, im not sure whats the problem would be.
    i tried going to android recovery system > wip data/factory reset but my phone is not going into wipe data option, if i press the option wipe>data it shows me the android image (android’s stomach open and theirs a triangle).
    can u kindly help me in this, and let me know what would be the best thing to do.
    should i flash my phone and reinstall jellybean??? awaiting your kind response

    • Ricardo Gardener Post author

      You might have soft bricked your device, you should definitely reinstall Jellybean and attempt to Root your device using another more reliable method. I hope you did a backup before rooting or do so in the future for cases like this.

  • Jeromme Evangelista

    dude, what if my guessed my tablet id number and motherboard number, what will happen to my tablet if I am wrong in guessing? pls reply asap ty.

    • Ricardo Gardener Post author

      If you mean what would happen if you get the firmware incorrect then in most cases either the new firmware will work or it wont, there is a slight possibility that you could also brick your tablet but that’s unlikely as the tablets shown in the tutorial are next to impossible to totally brick.

  • rishabh bhatt

    broda… believe it or not b ut my tablet didn’t had a board no. on it however i have downloaded both firmware . and second one started to work but touch screen not working and i dont know what language is that in the second rom help me brodai have a a 13 tablet with camera in center without sim

    • Ricardo Gardener Post author

      These Chinese Tablets are like the stars in the sky :), too numerous and with too many hardware configurations to pinpoint a exact match in all cases friend, but I will do my best to help. If its a Language problem in most cases its a matter of navigating the interface and changing the language, should not be too hard with a little ingenuity after all its Android. Also for the Touch screen not working you were close in finding a matching Firmware but the drivers are all wrong that built into the firmware so you need to continue the Firmware search here that I have provided a bunch of Firmware files.

  • Jay

    i really need some help i have a A23 tablet. And i think the board id is T900-mainboard-v2.0. to tell you the truth i really don’t know if that’s the ID number but that’s the only thing that looks like what you describe in the video. so please help me find a firmware.. Thanks


    Hi Ricardo,

    I have a ZYNC (China brand) tablet, but I can hardly identify the firmware. I took a photo of it but I can not paste it in this message box.
    I am confused of the number on its processor and the board number. If I can only paste the photo, I’m sure you could pin-point the firm ware needed.
    Well, I still try to give you all the alpha-numeric seen on top of its

    Amlogic (logo only)

    Board number:

    Thank you for your time. We appreciate guys like you, who tries to find time to help people who don’t have much. You know what I mean.
    God bless and good day Sir!

  • Jeromme Evangelista

    dude, when i flashed one of the roms, it happened that there is a loading bar. and when it is finised it said error then it turned off it but it said the sd card is ok, some says i will flash the rom using livesuit. pls reply to me asa

  • arnel

    sir can u help me with my problem, my new tablet-
    Me Rainbow7 is the brand
    Android 4.2 Jelly Bean
    7″ HD IPS Capacitive touchscreen
    Allwinner A31s Quad Core A7 1.6GHz Processor
    8GB ROM (Expandable to 32GB), 1GB RAM
    0.3MP Front and rear camera,
    Supports HDMI, Micro USB, 3G dongle and Wi-Fi connection
    2500mAh battery

    can you give an info where can i Download the firmware of my tablet? the .img file

    for this thanks and sorry not good in english..

  • gary

    Hi Ricardo, Need Help, my tablet is cycling between the screen with the green Android robot with a blue wire ball in its chest and the start up screen. It have a reset on back, tried that, tried power button and volume up. have down loaded phoenix card tool and tried different firmware. Can not get it to boot of card! Tablet is a 9′ Quad core+DSP, Android 4.4. It has a ATM7029B Processor. mother board is a TEAN E120339 94V-0ML1. Any help would be appreciated.

  • Wouterspi

    Does this also work on an android phone? i have found the firmware of my Huawei Ascend Y530 and downloading it atm. I have exactly the same problem with my phone and this is pretty much my last chance to fix it so ill just try to follow these steps and try it

  • Jo

    Thank heavens for clever people like you!!!!
    Followed your instructions and my friends 9 year old boy is no longer staring sadly at a frozen green android. Took me a while to find the correct firmware but was well worth it : )
    Thank you!!!

  • seydina oumar

    hi i need help please share firmware for this tablet:

    Reference Tablet:
    broad id: FOR FUN V91-V1.2
    processor: via WM8880 1331CD
    other informations:
    via vt1630a

  • infinity616

    so i have a dell venue 7 tab which is stuck at the boot screen and i dont want to take it apart so can you help me please.

  • Nick

    The red bar of the install of the android appeared on my tablet and then it became green and then in the left of the screen i saw an error and something else and then my tablet didnt boot at all

  • Coker

    Hi, when i saw your post i was so happy because i had been searching but no exact response. Now to get straight to the point, it was all good,(the requirements to get it done) not until i saw that an SD card is needed. Thats an issue because i use a lenovo s5000-H, which has a 16gb inbuilt memory but no SD card slot. Seeing this as it is, what solution do you have for such situation?? Please i would really appreciate your quick response as i’m unable to use my very useful tablet as it seems. Thank you.

      • coker

        Thanks a lot. However, i’ve not been able to locate my firmware number and also it is not in the ms word document you uploaded. The only thing is see here is E3158501MZPMV2 RU94-0…Then theres a 1344 then below it i see S17. Pls i want know the number to flash my tablet which is stuck on the android logo…

      • Jason

        Hello, please help me locate firmware to flash this Board ID: GD900_X15_V2.0.7_131207 Cortex A9
        Quad Core Tablets PCS 10 inch
        IPS Screen Android 4.2 1.5GHz
        DDR2GB HD32GB WIFI Front Camera
        HDMI OTG Tablet PC

      • abdul

        dear kindly send me method of install Rom my tablet stuck held in boot option no options show wipe/ recovery no show and only show android logo and red thing. send me method how can install rom frimwrk my tablet id A13 Q88D-V1.1

      • charlie

        the 4 shared site keeps trying to make me download some live .exe something or the image file is not an image but a exe. I think it is trying to load some kind of virus. I do not trust it is there some other place to get a image file.

  • Rutagengwa

    Dear Brother, i need a firmware of my tablet stuck on android the mother board id is K20-MB-V1.0 made in china mark SIM AREN S7 thanks.

  • Maria Davis

    This fix worked on my Kocaso M752 for a while, now it’s back to hanging at the android logo. Is there another fix for this besides the firmware upload, because I tried it again and it didn’t work. Thank you

  • Yosif

    I did everything u said … But when I enter the Sd Card for the last time and open the Tablet …. The tablet won’t open and it is a black screen … If I remove the Sd card the tablet opens but not pass the android welcome !!
    Please help and many thanks fr your effort 🙂

  • Sherri

    please help me find firmware for A13 ALD 94V-0. Serial number is AK008AMX20142017. I have downloaded the Phoenix tool onto my Micro SD with USB connector, as indicated.

  • Clint Anthony

    Hi Ricardo, I believe your process is very clear. However, I can’t find the firmware for my device.
    Model: Coby Kyros MID8065
    Board number: EM_M61_V7.1 or EM_M61_V7.2

    Please help me find the firmware for this. Thanks

        • Clint Anthony

          do you happen to have a firmware for Coby Kyros MID8065? It’s really hard to find… What I used back there was an img file from a dump file of MID8065. I believe that is not really the firmware… Just hoping you can find one…


        • Gerard

          Hello Mr. Ricardo,,, my Kata i4 is not working, and it has a built in memory card. So i don’t have SD for this one…. when i system update my phone restarted and boom I’m stucked in logo says, no command.. when I do the wipe factory reset and reboot the system. And when I opened again, its still not working.. what should I need to do to fix it?? please help me, Mr.Gardener.. Thanks!

  • Stephen Corpuz

    Hi Sir Gardener, I’m having trouble looking for the firmware of my Ctroniq C73, i’ve looked inside it and saw that its Chip is rk3026 and i think the code of the board is R702W. Can you please help me with it ? Thank you in advance

  • Peter G.

    Hellow my friend,I opened my tablet but I couldnt find the board id, it isnt written , there is only the chips…my tablet looks like the black you have .In one chip i saw axp209 and that the proccessor is a13……the brand name is vivaco v-tab 747…pleasee help..

  • Byron Salvia

    You did a great job here Sir, but can you help me with my daughter’s tablet here? It is an E TECH tablet which its motherboard ID is A13 and its processor is C70+/V10. I don’t know how to look for the firmware for this kind of tablet Sir so maybe you can help me with this one. Thanks for the video anyway and more power!!! Hope you can read this.

  • sakiusa

    when was burning the firmware on the memory card during the process it says error on u disk what does thatmean
    please reply very fast

    • Ricardo Gardener Post author

      Simple either your ROM is corrupted or your SD card is faulty, attempt to burn the ROM again and see if its succeeds, if after a few attempts it refuses to burn totally then change the ROM or Memory card.

  • Raymond Pollock

    Hi Ricardo. I have a 10″ Next tablet stuck on Android. I have managed to open it but I cannot find processor number or ID. I am 75 years old so I am not very computer friendly but I can try.Can you please help me to get my tablet working?
    Raymond Pollock

  • Sameer

    Dear Sir,

    I have the same problem for my tablet that sticking with android logo. i tried to download Alldaymall A13 MID Firmware. But the link is not working at all… so can you please give me a link to download that?

    Waiting your reply

    With Regards


  • Prince

    Hello,iam prince my mid tablet stucks on boot screen.
    model:-call touch c8
    board id:-TW A0708 V6.1 0304
    android:- 4.0.4

    pls help me my frnd……

  • Susil Maduwage

    I need to find firmware for my Chinese tab which is stuck at android logo. mother board ID is A106G-Mainboard ver 1.3.0 and main processor is A10. When I pressed power button and vol down button together some commands (menu items) are displayed in Chinese language and found some information as ROM A106_V1.1.1.1_20121116_r579+16_5f011ec. Is there any way to convert this commands(settings) into English . Or let me know away to re-install Android to this TAB. Is it possible?
    Thanks for the given stuff in your blog. waiting for a reply.

  • aungkyaw

    Tablet processer……ARM Cortex A9 Dual Core 1.0 Ghz
    board ID………..H1 94V-0 CTI:3
    MODEL…..P7002 VER.O1
    Please help me Ricardo.Thank.

  • abusah

    my tablet is lock and i have try all means. the factory mode is not working and the usb cable cannot also connect except for charging. i’m comfused

  • Leah

    hey,thank you for posting the video,I have an IVIEW-900TPCII.This is the serial number that is attached behind on a small white paper”1210-IVIEW900TPCII-0001 —- 1210-IVIEW900TPCII-5000″
    I went on this link: … get the firmware. I had followed your steps in the video.I was happy it came back on but it is reverse(if i click on A, B is coming up) I know you said if it’s reverse it’s because the firmware is wrong, help please.Thank you in advance

  • Quintin Martin

    9.7 inch Allwinner A10 Android 4.0 1.5GHz 1G 8G Tablet PCT05A which firmware should i download for this tablet

  • Tyler

    if i just downloaded a file and it rebooted and did this could i possible just wipe my data form the recovery mode but take out my SD card before doing so and atleast have some of my data back? Andriod tab 4 im doing this on i need a fast comment please thank you and my device was rooted btw lol it just stays stuck on the SAMAUNG screen when trying to boot up and if i got it to boot up but everything was not respontive is there a fix to that aswell well anything i would click would be very slow to respond

    • Ricardo Gardener Post author

      Yes its always smart to try to wipe the device first before attempting flashing. Flashing or wiping the device from recovery will not affect the things you have on the SD card, unless you are using it for flashing in which case I advise you back up the contents. In cases where your tablet is slow and it boots up its advised to either wipe the Tablet or free up some space or clean junk files from your device. Any other questions you may have please feel free to ask.

  • chapstar182

    I have done the reinstall with the firmware and I get the CARD OK notice when it is complete. However, after I take out the SD card and power it back up, it gets to the Irulu logo screen and says System is Starting… and just sits there. It doesn’t go any farther. My serial number for the tabler is SN: AL101ZJJ20130726. Any help is greatly appreciated!

    Thanks again!

      • chapstar182

        Do you have access to that firmware that is an exact full match? I downloaded it straight from the Irulu site using the SN on the back of the tablet and you saw the result. It just stays on the Startup screen. Do i need to open the tablet and get a number for you? Will that help?

  • syedsabihnasir

    Hi, I have herotab hybrid alpha dualcore found its img file on the company’s website but my tablet is stuck on the boot logo(before the android screen), will it work and its a different design but the firmware is an img file and has an SD Card slot.

  • mahmoud

    hi recardo

    my tablet stuck in android logo with blue runing bar …then it reboot again and does the same thing…i cant access to download mode ….when i used phoenxcard to flash with sd …said cant find script …plz help me …

  • harry

    my tablet is irulu
    mAK306 board id “A13 CB-M RU 94V-0 i download irulu AK304 firmware now my tablet screen is black how to fix it give me the right
    firmware asap

  • davian

    Hi ricardo I have found the exact firmware for my tablet from 4shared which is atmtw_jo910_v23 but the extension of the firmware in the rar file is .fw and the phoenix tool wont identify it please help.

  • davian dawson

    Hi ricardo I have found the exact firmware for my tablet which is atmtw_j0910_v23 on 4shared but the file that is in the dowoaded rar file is .fw not an image file so the phoenix tool wont recognize it please help asap

  • bossm

    Hi Ricardo! Sorry my bad english. I have a big problem. My tablet:
    I cant boot: i need stock ROM firmware to reinstall original software.
    Irulu support wrote:

    So sorry about it, we don’t have a firmware about this tablet and maybe you can go to our official website to have a review,thanks!

    Can you help me?

  • Kevin

    Hello Tutorial is Pretty Good….
    Ive Searched Every corner of the Internet for The firm ware for the A33 Irulu X1a 9Inch 4.4.0..

    To no avail….Can you Help maybe..?

  • Kasim

    Hi Ricardo, im using a tablet with A13 chip, MID-86v2G. v1.6. i downloaded a close id firmware which is in rar format,,,, but i have trouble converting/extracting it into an image file please help

    • Ricardo Gardener Post author

      What are you using to extract it? I personally use WinRaR which is easy to use and there is even a free version and all you have to do is right click and select extract here and that’s it.

  • Justin Bing

    I ran into a problem while attempting this method. Whenever I try to place my SD card into my tablet and power it on so it can format the tablet I receive an error that goes as follows: “sprite update error: download map file is not correct.” Why does that happen and what can I do to fix it?

  • weejian chong

    I did all the step above and I get a red box came up and then the green line started loading, after the green line finished loading, a notification “CARD OK” show out. This process is keep repeating, its this normal? If this is abnormal, what should I do?

    • Ricardo Gardener Post author

      That weird, try recreating the bootable SD card and try again, if the issue persists then try either downloading the firmware again or getting a better match. Its either hit or miss with these things.

  • nunuck

    I have a 10 in android tablet and all of a sudden when I slide the wifi button across it doesn’t come on and doesn’t find a wifi connection the tablet is andriod4.4.2_r2-a33-v2’0 can u help please

  • Curt

    Hi Ricardo, your blog is very helpful. But I have some trouble finding the firmware for the Tagital 9″ tablet. It is a A33 GT90H-v1.6 the model is T9X.

    I actually have another one exact the same. Do you have an idea how I can copy the form ware from the one that is working properly?

    Thank you in advance

  • saigangasharan

    My tablet was old one I kept it aside now after your post I will try to recover that brand:orkia portable pad ok-pp555 and processor:A10 and board Id:XDak-M702-V1.0 and I couldn’t find firmware for this can help?

  • Shailesh Jethva

    Dear Sir,

    I cant Able to find anything in my tab for its firmware.
    I have Lava E Tab Velo+ And Its Stuck On logo.
    So Please help me to for firmware of it. Or Alldaymall A13 MID Firmware Can Do the same.

    Please Help me Sir Please

  • Shailesh Jethva

    Hi Recardo,
    I’ve Done All the instruction but still my tab showing
    Sprite update error: fail to scan flash information
    Sprite update error: Current card sprite failed
    Now Hold The Machin

    Please help me to figure this out.

  • Mark

    Hey I need some help. I have already downloaded my firmware and when I want to add it to the phoenix card it says “Script not found. Please put new version image”. I don’t know what to do. Could you help me please.

  • Nick

    it took many attempts to find a working firmware for Irulu AK304 but i found a wintouch firmware and the tablet is functioning properly and faster than before.

    • Ricardo Gardener Post author

      Thanks for your diligence Nick and your patience really paid off for you in finding your Firmware. Please leave the details as to the exact Wintouch firmware that you used. So glad your tablet is even faster too.

  • Bryan

    Hello, I need help finding firmware for

    Model: SuperSonic SC-91JB Android Tablet.
    Motherboard number: 1308/1303022
    Processor: Allwinner Tech A10 A702_MB_v1.06

  • ahmad

    flease helpme need firmware for my tablet touchscreen not working after flashing with firmware RK292X may TABLET:

    Tablet Processor: _______Chipset:RockChip2926 ARM Cortex A9 at 1.0GHz___________

    Board ID: _________86V V3.11 20130318______

    Brand Name: __INTEX RAY V1.2 (IT-M747-RK)___________

  • Frank Newburn

    Hi Ricardo

    I have a Blaupunkt Endeavour 800NG with the Android screen problem but unable to locate appropate firmware – can you help.

    Tablet Processor: AML872-MX

    Board ID: M806A1-J8_v1.2_1207051200

    Brand Name: Blaupunkt Endeavour 800NG

    Regards Frank

  • Frank Newburn

    Hi Ricardo

    Have Blaupunkt Endeavour 800NG tablet with the “stuck on Android” screen problem

    Processor – AML872-MX

    Motherboard – M806a1-J8_v1.2_1207051200

    Can you help with locating the firmware.



  • Elika

    I have problem with the phoenix card.can you help me please.
    i cannot format to normal. it says format card to normal mode failed.
    Please help me sir. Ricardo

  • Chinthaka

    Hi, Thank you for making this video. I have a tablet “mid t90″ cpu is ” Infotmic IMAPX15″ and the ” board number is “gd900_x15_v2.0.6_1301031”. When i went through your blog i found a similar firmware you have suggested to someone else. Only difference was, it was “gd900_x15_2.0.7”. So I downloaded it. But my problem was with the Pheonix card 3.0.9. After doing all that as you said in the video i do not see any files on the SD card. Even using another version of the Pheonix Card 3.0.6 on that site you have mentioned. I did this with a 2GB card and a 8 GB card as well with no luck. what i want to know is that, do you see any files on the SD card after burning finished ?

  • Jason

    Hello Ricardo. Thanks for this tutorial. I am trying to fix a friend’s tablet that is having this problem. I opened it up and the motherboard is inet-10f-rev03. The processor is A20. Can you please help me find the firmware for it? If the firmware for it cannot be found, would it be acceptable to use a different firmware? There isn’t much info on the tablet. No serial or ID numbers. The box it came in just says Android 4.0 tablet pc MID. Any help would be very much appreciated.

  • tawawik

    i have a problem like this is it stuck on android logo. Last time i download a non- market apps after a few minutes my tablet is stuck and then i reset and stuck on android logo.. i have also 1 problem i cant use the factory reset because the volume up is damage.. how can i fix this in internal? or by downloading some apps to fix it?

  • adam

    Hi, I am trying to recover a cube talk 7x u51gt c4 – I can find the seperate img files for the firmware but I cant find a complete script I can use with phoenix card. Can you help fine one, or is there a way to compile from the scatter files using some other programme?



  • Keen

    Can you please do me a big favour and look for the required firmware for me? I spent all day searching and cannot find it. This is the info of my machine.

    Gateway model No. TP-A60W
    Motherboard: pbj20 la-6872p (got it from the motherboard inside)
    Core logic: Tegra 250 Dual cortex A9, 1GHz

    I really appreciate the time, and thanks for the neat guide.

      • Keen

        I found a different fix for my issue, and I would like to share it. Although my tablet came with a reset button (push pin button), it didnt solve the problem. But i tried doing the so-called rotation lock method, and it worked. I got my tablet unbricked though its back to its original firmware. But hey, my tablet is working again. 🙂

        Thanks again RIcardo!

        • Ricardo Gardener Post author

          That method only applies to the Acer Iconia and no other Tablet though my friend, I actually owned the very one and found it a weird procedure where I had to: Toggle the rotation switch to the up position to and then press down volume and press power for 3 seconds and then release it while holding volume down next and once the tablet vibrates I had to switch the rotation lock on and off repeatedly while keeping volume down held and then it would erase the tablet and that’s how it was erased.
          I have never seen another Tablet that worked like that the procedure was overly complicated when the normal Android reset would have worked just fine.Who knows why Asus does these things.

  • RR

    Hi there. I have already found the right firmware for the tablet. I’m now burning it through the phoenixcard. But when It’s done I inserted it to the tablet I waited for so long nothing happened. By the way, my tablet has a flashdrive port that is why I used a flashdrive, does it really need to use a microsd?

  • jann erryl

    Good day sir, can i ask a few question, f a korean version tablet have a firmware also? i have a samsung galaxy tab korean vers. I just wanna try to fix it so that i didnt buy a new one . It also stuck on android logo . Thank you in advance sir.

    • Ricardo Gardener Post author

      They all do the Firmware is basically the file used to flash the operating system on these devices, even if its Korean we call them all Chinese tablets by default. I will need the board ID to actually help though.

      • Chris

        Hi Ricardo, Thank you for your Tut….. I have followed all your instructions… I have a AllWinner A23 TWPQ230840327901 Tablet.. when I insert the card it won’t power on.. if I take the card out it only shows an Allwinner Technology logo (Never goes past this point- and no Android logo ever displays – this was what the problem has been from the start!) can this be considered a boot loop? I am after you expertise and advice please – Many Thanks Chris

        • Ricardo Gardener Post author

          Yes it sounds that to me and although I say Android logo, in some cases it gets stuck on the Tablets logo or brand which boils down to the same thing. Also did you try performing a hard reset on the tablet before trying to flash it? that sometimes fixes the issue for some users. Otherwise be sure to always verify that files are actually being written to the card, it would not hurt either to try another file as the one you are trying to flash may be incompatible and preventing boot up.

  • Racardo

    hey ricardo i need some serious help…….my digiland tablet is not starting up…the android guy comes up and after that it moves to a black screen and does not move…….the word android should have come up after but it does not…….what should i do?

    • Ricardo Gardener Post author

      Did you do a hard reset? If so and thats the effect you are getting the next option is flashing the device, I have not seen an issue with Black screen after trying to boot, usually Black screen issues result in nothing but a black screen. I still think flashing the device if resetting fail is the best bet provided its a software and not a hard ware issue.

  • Agu Nunes

    Hi Ricardo i have a question for you:
    i do the process , i put the sd on the tablet and a green bar loaded and it sayd: “sd card ok”
    do i have to do something else?

  • Ian

    hi. im looking for firmware for a “binatone homesurf 744”. it has corrupt firmware 🙁 chip is A23 and bord id is Q86V-A23-V2.0: 2014/03/14. is there any chance you could find this firmware or a firmware that will work please Ricardo?????

    would be forever in your debt,

      • Ian

        ive read all your articals and downloaded the text archive files etc and took my time reading everything but my board id is not listed 🙁 ive searched on internet for days and still cant find the firmware as noone has ever listed it 🙁 you was my last chance but as your very busy and i cant find any help anywhere ive just binned my tablet and will purchase another after xmas. many thanks for replying back and merry xmas 🙂 🎅🎄

        • Ricardo Gardener Post author

          Ok sorry you did not find it, these files are really hard to find and doing so takes up a insane amount of time and effort to hunt down, only a closely matching file could possibly help your case now and that would involve you searching through those that are available and finding a close one if you want to actually sacrifice such time to bring back the device to life or as you say get a new one.

    • Ricardo Gardener Post author

      I have gone through the pain staking task of being very detailed and have linked to several support articles that shows you how to find everything I mention in the articles including any files and how to download them as shown here, so please read the article and apply what I have shown.

  • tootall123

    Thank you so much for this article. The issue was that my Neutab N10 Plus was not going past the android screen. Therefore the Phoenix firmware updater was not recognizing that it was connected by USB. I used the method here of creating a bootable firmware and it worked perfectly. Thank you once again.

    • Ricardo Gardener Post author

      Glad you were patient and smart enough to improvise, patience and not quitting is a rare thing today most other users would have given up despite the wealth of info I have left to help them or point them in the right direction.

  • Robie Passfield

    I’d just like to say I have an ALL WINNER A13 CAPACITIVE ANDROID 9″ Tablet and following the text was able to get it up and running again. Thanks for this tutorial, my son will be over the moon.

  • Anthony

    Nice one! A good job and well appreciated! Please I need the latest firmware for Zoostorm Playtab. The one I found on their website is not working with the pheonix software! Thanks

  • kingsly

    i love your work dude, i really do but i got a problem. The method is kinda complicated i don’t even know where to start especially were you said we have to operate the device to know the……. mann seriously man am confused. But i like your method, its much better than the others on YouTube

      • Seyi

        hi, good day. I hope I’m not too late requesting for your assistance but I really need your help. I have a coby kyros mid9740 however it’s stuck on android screen and I’ve tried all the methods I’ve seen here especially, and in other places as well but to no avail. I have a system dump from the same device as seen online but I wanna ask is there a way to install this dump to fix my tablet? please do help. I couldn’t find the rom image for the tab and can’t boot to recovery. please help.

  • Koksi Kakkelovnen

    Follow the tutorial, pick wrong img : Different boot screen, still bootloop. Try another img, different. boot screen… AND IT’S ALIVE! … boots into an obscure Indian alphabet, but after some blind poking around I found the English language setting.
    I now have a working cheap-ass tablet, an you, dear sir, are a true hero of the internet !

    • Ricardo Gardener Post author

      Thanks for showing ingenuity most other people would have given up as soon as they saw something I did not mention to the T. Glad you stuck with it and used your head. In my eyes you are the real hero. Would also help others if you identified your exact device and the file you used.

  • john

    Hey buddy Iam hoping your can help me out, i feel like the more i read and try to fix myself the dumber i get. I have a tmax tablet that is stuck on go screen and wont factory reset either it freezes at that screen as well, any help before it is tested as a frisbee. thanks
    the model #:TM9S775

    • Ricardo Gardener Post author

      Seeing all else is failing I suggest you try flashing the Tablet. I hope its not a hardware issue as if it is then no amount of flashing or trying to reset it will work as you would need to fix the hardware issue.

  • Rahman

    Hello, Mr. Ricardo. I always get to know about many things from your blog & videos. Actually I need your help. A13_4.2.2_HX_Q8_V5+2cam_nuclear_ococci-eng 4.2.2 JDQ39 20130709 test-keys Download is not downloading properly. What should I do?

  • Fraser

    Query regarding my Mecer 800P31c tablet. The tablet recently just rebooted when i was charging it. It can no longer open instead it displays the name of the brand. Repairers have failed to repair it saying it needs re installation of android.

  • ikuzwe pacifique

    hello gardener i got a problem of my chinese tablet .after using live suit to flash it i switch it on and i got a message in its screen saying

    sprite update failed:fail to scan information
    sprite update failed:current card sprite update failed
    now hold the machine

  • Pattria Platt

    Soo proud of you, may God continue to bless and keep you. my tablet needs flashing but I am 65 and will take it in …lol too much for me to understand ..Thank you again young man. your are EXCELLENT!

  • Nan from Thailand

    my netbook is cannot working when i hold the power bottom it is stuck on jelly bean android 4.1 logo and nothing happen how can i fix it

  • YUL Roa

    i have done the procedure above and after I insert the MicroSD card into the tablet that is stuck on the Android screen and powered on the tablet, NOTHING HAPPENED, ie., no formatting or flashing of the tablet happened. When I tried to read the MicroSD on my PC, nothing was written onto it after it was burned. Please help.

  • Jorge G

    Hello Ricardo. I am Jorge , from Buenos Aires , Argentina.
    The past year I bought a chinese tablet of the brand ICOO, model D70 PRO II. I used it for 3 months but , suddenly, it frozen in the android logo, as you describe in your article.
    I am looking for the firmware of this tablet but I dont find nothing, in any website.

    The motherboard code is: HTC-DO261-V4.3 I would ask you if you know where can I get that firmware.

    Another question. How make for the motherboard to boot from the SD card when I turn it on?

    Thank you in advance for your response. And excuse my poor English.

    Best regards from Argentina,


  • Evan Lei

    How about Ainol Q88 tablet in Android Oreo? My tablet was stuck in the boot screen! The tablet’s processor is Allwinner A50 and the board id is 04K0310119C0.

  • Colum

    Hi Ricardo,

    Your detailed explanation and guide made it very easy. Thank you so much for your time and effort. I successfully rescued my A70X Allwinner A20 Tablet by following your steps. I hope someday to get to buy you a beer 🙂