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If like me you like the finer things in life and you are combing the internet specifically looking for cool stuff to buy on Amazon then you have undoubtedly come to the right place. Our goal will be to hook you up with some of the coolest items that can be found anywhere on Amazon, heck even on the entire internet.

What do we consider cool?


Well simply put by cool stuff we mean unique items that are sure to captive both you and any one that happens to be nearby at the time. Our selections are nothing but the coolest items that scream I just got to have that in my collection. Plus they make great gift or just to make you the envy of the office or work place by adding a dash of your personality into the mix.

cool stuff to buy on amazon

These are our personal picks and nothing but quality and super cool items were chosen in an attempt to bring you the very best cool stuff that retail giant Amazon has to offer so let’s get started:


cool stuff to buy on amazon

Cool stuff that you can buy on Amazon

The Best cool stuff to buy on Amazon


 1. Cool Bomb Shape Countingdown 10 Sec Alarm Clock

If you want to feel like a bad ass that practically eats danger for breakfast this is the perfect Alarm clock disguised as a bomb. If you have trouble getting out of bed in the morning this will blast you right out of your bed and into your busy day no problem. Also great as a gift idea  for a friend that has a great sense of humor or maybe your friend works in Bomb disposal.

I am sure you will agree that this is a very cool item. Best traits of this alarm clock is that when it goes off it can be diffused and it’s totally rechargeable saving you having to get batteries. This one at least deserves you giving it a good look over.

2. 100 Dollar Bill Toilet Roll

You have finally made it,you high-minded ambitions have placed you into the 1% bracket of America and you can now choose to have the finer things in life. So why no live it up with the best toilet paper you could possibly have, plus if your friends come over they will know you are loaded without you even having to saying a word. You are literally wiping your goodies with realistically looking US $100 dollar notes. This is by far one of the best cool stuff to buy on Amazon ever.

3. The Prescription Coffee Mug

The coffee cup or Mug has evolved so much over the last few years, no longer is it a simple device to hold your early morning cup of magic, but it’s also a personal statement to those around you that there is someone with personality behind this cup. Or maybe like me you just wanted to have the coolest cup in the office and have all the guys envy you and your cool cup.This cup is not all looks its also great for drinking from and a superb gift for a great friend or as a new office accessory.


4.Million Dollar Blanket

Is it me or is it cold in here? Well luckily I do not have to worry about those things any more since I got these cool stuff to buy on Amazon and amongst them was this very cool Million Dollar Blanket. The cold will not even walk near this great item, but on a more serious note this is just one of those items that you just have to own if you know what I mean, as this is something that you do not see every day.This blanket is not all looks and is very comfortable,made from 100% polyester and will place you in the right frame of mind for your high ambitions even as you sleep.

5. Ice Ball Maker Mold

I am so cool as of late that regular Ice cubes do not move me, I always enjoy my drinks with ball shaped ice cubes, so if you are still stuck in the past with your cubes you need to visit the 21st century with some modern solutions. You will love these as they are inexpensive and guaranteed to impress anyone that stops by the house and you offer them a drink. They will be more fascinated with the Ice cube than the drink. Trust me endless conversations have been sparked in such ways, go ahead check it out.

6. Rear View Spy Sunglasses

If you have always dreamed of having super powers this is as close as you will get with the ability to see behind you with these cool pair of shades. I kid you not! these shades will actually allow you to covertly see behind you as you go about your day or you can scope out someone without them having the slightest clue, after all you are looking in the opposite directed who would have thought?

7.Coca Cola Coke Soda Can Diversion Stash Safe

If you are looking for a safe place to hide your secret stash of cash then why not in an ingenious location such as a soda can? this would work great for places like a dorm room but lets hope that your roommate does not get too thirsty and decide to take a drink.

8. Switchblade Comb

They don’t make them any cooler than this my friend, it’s a comb disguised as a knife. Don’t worry this is totally for combing your hair and having you look as sharp as ever, sorry I could not resist putting that line in, this great and cool item was just begging for it.

9. 7 COLOR LED SHOWER HEAD Bathroom Fixture

Add some ambiance to your bathroom with a variable color light show shower head that changes between 7 colors. Taking a bath will not get more exciting than this.

10.Star Wars R2-Q5 USB HUB

R2-Q5 USB Hub (japan import)
Price Disclaimer

We have definitely saved the best of our cool items for last and I am sure that die-hard Star Wars fans will agree that this is Uber-cool, I could not find a word for cooler than cool so I stuck with that one. This is a genuine four (4) port USB hub that get this: has the ability to move and make sounds, so as a bonus its a great desk accessory that will make an otherwise boring hub into a fun and interactive piece of hardware for your desk. This is also a great collectable for all those who collect action figures.

I hope you enjoyed our list of cool stuff to buy on Amazon as we enjoyed putting it together, If you have any comments or feedback we would love to hear your thoughts so feel free to leave a comments in the section below, until next time my friend.

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