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Ever wish that you could look at a website and magically see behind the scenes and see what traffic they were getting or how well they were doing? We all know how difficult this can be as most websites don’t make their stats public and if you have an online rival it would be great to see how you stack up to the competition or use the data to improve your own website goals . This is not easy and while there are many tools out there they all often fall way short of the mark of getting this accurately and that’s why I would like to show you a website traffic checker that very accurate and will give you a super close figure of any websites traffic that you can bank on.

What is a website traffic checker?

A website traffic checker is a tool that is used to gather data about a website and using their own special algorithm they are able to roughly estimate a website traffic based on information that’s available, the exact methods are unique however to each websites traffic checking tool. In my experience many of these tools are usually dead wrong and way off in most cases.

A better Method.

Now while those other tools are flawed it does not mean that there isn’t a gem out there and I have found the perfect one and I will show you Why in a minute. The best Website traffic checker in my opinion and I know you will soon agree too is: similarweb as it gives a detailed website traffic report that you can accurately depend on and they are the most accurate out of the many that I have tried over the years.

How Accurate are they?

Well in case you are wondering how accurate they are lets look at a popular website such as Lisa Irby’s blog and if you follow her blog from here older Gross income reports and what she talks about traffic you will get a pretty good idea how much traffic she gets if you listen carefully. And based on that information we can use the tool above to see what it says about the traffic for her blog:

website traffic checker

So as you can see the tool estimates that receives about 350,000 visits per month with about 40% of them coming from United states and each visitor viewing 2 or more pages and her bounce rate is about 73.83%. About 74% of her overall traffic is from search and from other sources that make up about 27% of her remaining traffic: about 52% of that traffic comes from Facebook and about 31% from twitter and so on.

But I guess you get the point and as you well know that Lisa is a top contender in her field and you might be thinking that what about other less popular website? can this tool do just as well with them? and the answer is yes once the website has been online for a while and is gaining traffic then this website traffic checker will be able to give you better insight into what taking place behind the scenes and remember that no tool is 100% accurate but you can be sure that its very close to the real deal.

Also in terms of SEO you will be able to look at the top Keywords that brings traffic to the website that’s being analyzed which should give a you a solid understanding of what the website is about. There is also a metric for overall website rank in the world, main country from which the website is getting most of its traffic and in the industry that the website is in which is great as you can use this to see exactly how well you stack up to your competition.

So I am sure that you are now excited about looking at other website traffic report to see what traffic they are getting, I hope today’s tip was to your liking and as always dear friend if you like our work please take the time to Subscribe now or maybe next time but if do share this article if you like our work and teach someone this skill that may come in handy to them. Next time we will be looking at how to dive deeper into the information and tell how much a website is potentially earning so stay tuned for that article.

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2 thoughts on “Predict any website traffic with 95% plus accuracy with this method

  • Wayne Umrah

    As you said about if we are wondering how accurate this website is, I’m wondering the same too. I just started my website in May and according to SImilarWeb I got 1000 visits for the month. Then in June it’s saying that I had 20,000 visits. I kinda find this impossible though. I’m not saying it’s inaccurate either but for a new website like mine and have 20,000 visits already in space of two months that’s great 🙂 . But I’m wondering if they count bots as visits because I generated a lot of that to test and improve my website speed.

    • Ricardo Gardener Post author

      You are correct Wayne seems its not 100% accurate as it takes allot of factors into account and their is a margin of error as with these things that project website traffic,I still do use it though. I tend to use it as a guide for sizing up the competition and as you said when you account for a websites stats that’s given its smart to treat the results as not being 100% accurate. Only way to be 100% is to have the webmasters reveal their traffic data. Solid point and thanks for your input.