Samsung galaxy s6 edge plus Hands on review

The Samsung Galaxy S6 edge plus is still one of the best Android phones that you currently can get right now that’s filled with kick ass features and high-end technology that will keep you on top of things throughout your busy day. Today’s review comes long after the hype as now in my opinion is the best time to take an objective look at all the features and what it has to offer and determine whether this device is worth or still worth your hard-earned money as right now may be the best time to buy.

Before reading any further you can check out the earlier review that highlighted the main features to look forward to here. As for that initial look at the device this review will focus more on the tangible benefits of upgrading to this device.

The 5.7 Inch Touch Screen

Samsung galaxy s6 edge plus

I really love the size of the 5.7-inch Super AMOLED Capacitive Multi-Touchscreen with Protective Corning Gorilla Glass 4 that on the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge plus as it really large and stunning best of all it’s not so big that you would look on the smaller version and marvel at the size but it’s just a nice step up that allows you to appreciate the extra screen real estate. I really love the bigger screen size way more than I thought on this device and I am really thinking of switch my daily phone to something along this size.

With that aside the overall resolution of 2560×1440 looks great in the palm of your hand and there is something really captivating about devices with an edge that makes you really marvel at the standard screen that has no edge and wonder where has this feature been all my life. The edge simply demands attention and captivates every where you go and especially in people who have never seen a device with an edge before.

The 16 Mega Pixel Camera

Samsung galaxy s6 edge plus

I know mega pixels are not all but I must applaud Samsung as the work they did between last generation and this one as similar to the regular Galaxy S6 we reviewed earlier I am really impressed with the way that they improved the camera and the pictures it takes. While there has been no bump in mega pixels between now and last generation the Galaxy s6 edge plus really does an outstanding job of capturing pictures that looks really brilliant and vibrant. The ability of the lens to capture light really does wonders to make pictures look better than ever before.

The Operating system and performance.

The operating system has been really cleaned up compared to previous generations as we now have a more refined and simplified touchwiz User interface that’s really much smoother than the previous version this is especially great for those new to Android as finding things are much easier as you can get to common settings without digging down too much into the Android interface. The new hardware also makes great use of this for a very snappy and speedy operations.


One of the added advantages of getting the Samsung galaxy s6 edge plus  is the bigger 3000 mah battery that is able to hold a large charge that can more than get you through an entire day easily. I am loving the battery life and while I pointed out in the last article that switching from a removable battery was a big mistake on Samsung’s part you can see with the edge Plus thats less of a con. Also do note that when Samsung says non-removable battery they simply mean that the battery cannot be removed on the fly, if you ever need a battery change it can be done but will require a technician or someone that’s tech savvy.

No Micro SD card Support

The real elephant in the room in terms of disappointment is that there is no support for a Micro SD card and sadly while I can compromise on a none removable battery there is no compromise when it comes to storage and the lack of a Micro SD card is a step backward for Samsung as I have always said and will continue to say.

Metal and Glass design

I am also loving the premium feel of the new build with metal and glass, it was something that I was not too worried about in previous builds but came to really appreciate how premium and high quality it makes the new devices look, sadly though you still don’t want to drop your device as it will break but its nice to see the new premium build and design.



If you are looking to buy a new device and need something that can really perform, can make it through an entire day on a single charge and look downright futuristic with its dual curved edges then by all means you should look no further than the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge plus which is a really great phone.

Why should you buy this device?

  1. Great design with premium materials of glass and metal.
  2. Dual edge design
  3. High resolution display.
  4. Improved camera and picture quality
  5. Increased battery size and improved battery life.
  6. Revamped Touchwiz interface.

Why you should skip this?

The two biggest complaints with this device are:

  1. Lack of a removable battery.
  2. Support for MicroSD cards.


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