How to Get Round Icons Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge

Have you ever notice that on some Samsung Galaxy S6 or Galaxy S6 Edge devices that the Icons are all round and look new for some people while other devices they look like the plain old normal icons. Well if you have noticed this too I will be showing you today how to get the new round icons or how to get all your icons to show the round icons style if you have them only partially, much like how they look on the Note 5 and so on.

What are these Round Icons?

The round icons are a part of the changes when you update to Android 5.1.1, even if you are on this version of the operating system you may notice that sometimes you either don’t have the icons or only partially have them for some icons. You can read below on how to fix this issue or a workaround to have things looking the way you want them.

Normal Icons:

Round Icons Galaxy S6

New Round Icons:

Round Icons Galaxy S6

and as you can see above the new icons look allot better and a welcomed improvement on the normal Samsung Touchwiz icons we have all grown accustomed to in Android Lollipop over time.

How to fix the problem or get the new Icons?

1. The first thing you must do and whats recommended is that if you are on another version of Android Lollipop that you update to Android 5.1.1 or above and you should get the latest look.

However this might not be enough by itself as in some cases users have reported that they either got the icons and then later on after resetting or for no reasons the icons started to disappear and revert to the old look. In such a case:

2. Go to settings and select themes and do a search for: “Note 5 theme” without the quotes. It should be the 8th theme on the page and you can’t miss it as its named: Note 5.

3. Install and activate the theme and wallah.

Now basically the Icons will look just as you want them to without trying to figure out whats causing the defaults to revert from the new rounded format. I hope this tutorial while short was really entertaining and enough to fix your issue. Please consider subscribing to get more tips like these and consider sharing this article with a friend.



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