Application not installed Android Fix

Have you ever tried to install an application especially from the play Store only to get the error message: App not installed when there is no reason why it should not have installed like the many other times that you have tied to install an application. Well this is a convenient fix that will deal with issues relating to Application not installed Android error.

Application not installed Android

If you are having the issue where you are getting the error app not installed android or Google play store error 941 or similar situation where apps download but fail on trying to install them this should be a simple fix for these issues.

This will also fix various other numbered error message that tends to develop with Google Play store over time with your phone.

How to fix Application not installed?

Application not installed Android

To fix this error :

1. Go to settings and go into Apps, application Manger or a similar setting where you can see all Apps installed or running on Android.

2. Now in running Applications look for: Google Play services and click on it.

3. With the onscreen options force stop the application. Next clear cache and then clear data, if a confirmation screen pops up be sure to confirm by clicking OK.

4.When finished go to your Android device home screen and find and launch Google Play Store. You will have to sign in like the first time you got the device and accept the proper legal agreements.

5. You can now try to download the App that was giving you the error from earlier once more which should install fine.

Alternative solution:

If for some reason you are still getting said issue you can try backing up and reformatting your Micro SD card or switch to a new one as this can be the cause of the issue in some cases as well.

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