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I would like to take the time to inform my readers about a email that is making its rounds that is trying to scam recipients into clicking on a link. I refer to refer to this email as a: signed in from unknown location email scam. If you get such a e-mail my advise to you is to be very careful as your account might become compromised if you fall for it. In my case I received it in Yahoo mail so if you use this service keep an eye out.

The Scam E-mail Reads:

Action Required: E-Mail Account Update

Yahoo! Mail

Dear (E-mail address)

Your account was recently signed in from an Unknown location, please Click here for verification to avoid account closure.



Signed in from unknown location email scam


Based on the info it seems that this email is targeted at yahoo email users and works by trying to trick you into clicking on the link. They do this by prompting your action by telling you your account will be closed without action to force you to hastily click.

Do not under any circumstance click on that link. If you do your account will become compromised and you don’t want that.

What is this Email about?

The e-mail is a phishing email and its intention is to gain sensitive information from you by compromising your Yahoo E-mail security and gaining access. Note on the E-mail that it says dear,if it was Yahoo they would have referred to you by name. Also although you do get warnings when you sign in from unknown locations it’s never enough that Yahoo will shut down your account,they simply warn you so you can take action if it was not you.

The reason I am doing this article is because this e-mail is clever, when I saw it in my inbox I was tempted to click it seeing how important my e-mail is but when I thought about it for a while a few things stood. They include: why did they want me to click and the issue was not enough to shut down my account.

What should you do if you receive this E-mail?

If you got this e-mail and you are simply doing research on it as I said don’t click the link, you can simply leave the e-mail be or delete it or even mark it as spam.That’s it, not clicking on the link just save you a world of hurt. Plus your personal info from being stolen.

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