iMac with Turntable Mixer for playing at parties and Vertual DJ Setup

My friend plays at parties and events and he has akiller Turntable setup with a iMac 2017. Being more of a Gamer and having no musical sense I though I would show off his setup which really looks cool. So remember guys I will do my best to do this system justice so if any musical expert are reading this bear in mind I am more of a PC guy and only casually listen music. With that being said you can check out the pictures and videos of his set up below.

What is this setup used for?

My friend plays at Parties mainly but he also does functions, weddings, office parties and much more. At the center of is setup is a 2017 iMac which is a really nice computer. I like the way the edges are narrow but there is some junk in the trunk in the back, yes I am talking about the bump. Also it seems Apple Laptops are preferred for DJs as they are less prone to viruses, are very fast and produce great audio quality when paired with the right hardware. My friend started out with an Apple Laptop but had to return it and decided to go with the iMac and never looked back. I really like his setup as it has a very unique look to it.

iMac with Turntable Mixer

Video Tour:

Check out the video overview of this setup.

Virtual DJ

iMac with Turntable Mixer

Everything is brought together by Virtual DJ for the Mac along with the Turntable,equalizer and other input/output device that connects the speakers. Overall the sound produced is very good and the setup is designed for fast move so he can packup everything and go on the fly. If you look in the video you will see the custom-made tray that holds everything together.

So if you like this setup or would like to share some musical knowledge about the specifics of this setup please use the comment section as I would love to learn. After all my intention is mainly to show this system off.If you want to see my latest setup click here.

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