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So if you are trying to launch the Facebook app but you are constantly getting the can’t connect Tap to retry error then today is your lucky day as I have a potential fix for the issue that should work in most cases.So once you have an Android device and getting this error you can go ahead and try the steps below in the fix to deal with the issue.

The error:

You will try to launch the Facebook app on your android smartphone as usual and then you will be faced with the error: can’t connect Tap to retry with the picture of what seems to be a grey cloud with a frown on its face.also no matter what you do Facebook will not connect despite other apps are able to connect to the internet on the same phone.

can't connect Tap to retry Facebook Fix

How to Fix can’t connect Tap to retry Facebook App?

To fix this issue and get rid of the error that you are seeing then try the following fix

1.Make sure you are disconnected from the internet.

2.Go to settings, apps and then search for the Facebook App.

3.Next go to storage and clear cache and clear data. Next force stop the App.

4.Reboot your phone,connect to the internet and then after this relaunch the app and login once more.

Your phone should login no issue and the problem should be fixed.


1.Boot your phone into Android recovery as shown here.

2.Clear the Cache Partition of your device.

3.Reboot and allow phone to startup as normal.

4.Try connecting to Facebook.

Why did this Fix Work?

Corrupted cache for app can occur after a long time of use and affect the ability of the App to work well. This can then in turn caused internet connectivity issues in Internet dependent apps such as Facebook and other issues. All we did was to clear the old cache and as you saw this fixed the issue with the app connecting.

Final Thoughts

I do hope you fixed your problem and if not you can relate your exact situation below and I am sure I should be able to suggest other solutions or one of my readers may make helpful suggestions. Also do take the time to share this article if you found it useful in any way.

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