Adsense Paid me Twice What should I do?

So I had a situation recently where Adsense Paid me Twice, this was by Cheque for December. I thought I would create this article to shed some light on what happened and what you can do if a situation like this happened to you.

Now of course this was a system error, one I have never seen happen before where one cheque was sent out on the the regular pay schedule and then a few days after another was sent out again.

The only thing though is that in my case both Cheques had the same Cheque number. I also notice that after a while the system saw the error and then did a automatic payment cancelled. The funny thing was seeing both cheques had the same number I thought they were both cancelled.

For a short while there was also a negative value in my account which went away.

Adsense Paid me Twice

How did I resolve the situation?

The first thing I did was to Wait until the first Cheque arrived and then change that one.As for the duplicate with the same number (second one) I ignored that one when it arrived and simply threw it into a drawer and disregarded it.

Eventually on changing the first Cheque I found found that both were reflected as paid with the same date in Adsense dashboard. This fixed the issue as seeing they were duplicates and only a copy of the other only one would be honored.

Why I wrote this Article?

I did this article because when the situation first happened I did not know what to do. I thought Adsense Automatic payment cancelled meant that both cheques were cancelled and I would have to wait 6 months for the money to be returned to the account.

Thankfully that was not the case.So the situation resolved itself and all you have to do if you have a similar situation is only change one of the cheques and ignore the other especially if they both have the same cheque number.

I don’t know if the same would apply to direct deposits or if they would have a similar remedy for those case.

Before you go

Before you go if you have anything to share about this or a similar situation please do so in the comments below as I am sure it will be useful for someone with a burning question and issue like this.

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