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So today I came across a Fire Tablet that had a issue with the colors being inverted.This will be a Inverted Colors Fire Tablet Fix tutorial.

This article will run you through the process of dealing with the issue if you are having said problem with a Amazon Fire Tablet.

The Issue:

The Inverted Color issue with the Fire Tablet results in whites becoming black and black becoming white on the display.

This results in the display especially images looking sort of like a negative film or a sort of inky look that looks off. You can see the issue shown here in the image below.

Also menus that are white background become white like setting.

Inverted Colors

How did this Happen to My Tablet?

Chances are you notice the change after someone especially a small child used your tablet for a while and you have no clue why its looks like it does now.

Many users that encounter this issue have no clue why or how their tablet became like this.

Whats happening is that someone enabled a feature in the tablet that causing the current look.

Video Fix:

Watch the following video to see how to fix the negative color issue or washout screen look of the Amazon Fire Tablet or similar devices.

Fix Inverted Colors Fire Tablet

1.Go to settings.

2.Scroll down to Accessibility and select the option.

3.Now look for:Color Inversion and toggle the option off.

That’s it the weird color of the screen should now look fine. The icons as shown in the picture on the home screen will be back to normal and the background color of menus.

Additional Tip:

You could also consider doing a reset of your device that will restore it back to its default setting which should fix most issues.

But do this only as a last resort as you will loose any data that is not backed up.

Also note that in some rare cases the display might be damaged and may need replacing.

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