How to move Apps to SD card Samsung Galaxy S10

There comes a time within every Android users life especially on the Samsung Galaxy that they need to free up some space. Most time that space is taken up by Apps on the internal storage of their device.

One solution in such a situation is to Move apps from your device Internal Storage over to your SDCard. It can be a significant way to free up internal storage and using up of the space that’s sitting on the SDCard.

Video Tutorial:

Watch the following video tutorial to see how to Move Apps to your SDCard.

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How to Move Apps to SDCard on the Galaxy S10?

Moving Apps is a easy process you only need to know which apps you want to move and after being moved they will operate as usual.

1.Go to Settings.

2.Then select Apps.

3. Now look through the list of Apps for the App you want to move. When you find it go ahead and click it.

4.Next select Storage and where it says Storage used go ahead and select change and select SD Card from Internal storage. Next Select Move and wait for the process to finish.

That’s it after the process completes that’s it and the App is now moved.

what did I just do?

You simply moved the selected app from your phones Internal storage to your SDCard storage. This should free up space on your phone storage and its now on the removable SDcard. It may even seem as if nothing with the App as changed as it looks the same and is in the same location but it now on your SDCard.

Remember that if you remove the SDCard the App will not work any more. So always keep the SD card in.

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