Fix Ringer Not Working Android

Its always at the worst possible times that issues arise especially in relation to your phone and it ringings.

Today I will be looking at your phone and a case in which it may stop ringing leaving you to wonder as to what is going on. If your phone does not ring you are more likely to miss calls and all sorts of things can happen then.

In today’s guide I will show you how to deal with this problem should it arise on Android and what you can potentially do to fix it should the need arise.

So stick around as I run you through several scenarios and what to do in order to fix your device.

What can cause your Android phone to stop Ringing?

The reasons for this issues is varied and can be either software related in terms of a off settings or hardware related with a physical issue with your device.

You will not know though until you run through the options below and solve the problem by taking things one step at a time. One of the available options should be able to easily solve your problem.

How to Fix Android Ringer not working?

Ringer Not Working Android

1.Volume Settings: Go to settings, Sounds and Vibration and then go to volume for some devices on Android the settings might be slightly different. Make sure the various volumes are at least at half, if any is all the way down turn them way up.

You can also use the Physical volume key on the out side of the phone and turn it way up.

2.Check Sound Mode: If your device is on vibrate or No sound it will not ring. Go ahead and go to settings,Sound and Vibration and then go to sound mode. Make sure it not set to vibrate or No sound profiles.

3.Update your Phone: Make sure you phone is on the latest version. Your device may have a bug and this bug may have issues with sound. Updated versions of your deice can also have a more stable software.

Go to settings, software update and Download and install the latest updates. Make sure your phone has sufficient battery power before updating.

4.Head Phone Mode: If your deice has a headphone jack you may be stuck in headphone mode. In such a case go ahead and clean the headphone jack out. I suggest using a piece of cloth or toilet paper to clean the headphone jack until the phone exits headphone mode. In headphone mode no sound will play including the phone ringing out loud.

Once the headphone jack is cleaned the phone should ring as normal and you should hear sounds as usual from your device.

5.Hard Ware Damage: Unlikely but you may have faulty hardware. If your devices loud speaker is not working your phone will not produce any sound at all such as ringing. In such a case you will need to take the device in for repair.

Why Did this work for me?

If any of the above work for you especially tips 1 to 3 it was a software issue and a simple modification of your settings was easy to do once you know which ones were at fault.

Tips 4 to 5 is hardware related and by cleaning a port or having the speaker fixed you will essentially fix the problem.

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