How to Enable or Disable Motion Photos on Samsung Galaxy 27

So my aim today will be to show you how to Enable or Disable motion Photo on Samsung Galaxy devices such as the Galaxy S10, S10 Plus, S9,S8 and so on.

We will be also looking at how to do this on Android 9 and on Android 10. The process is different for both devices as you will see below.

What is motion Photo?

Motion Photo is a Camera feature that records a short clip of what happens before each picture. The final file that’s created more resembles a short video without sound or similar to a GIF.

How to Enable Motion Photo?

Android 9

Click Play

1.Launch the Camera on your device.

2.Make sure you are in Picture Mode.

3.Go to settings in Camera.

4.Now look for the option: Motion Photos and turn the option on.

Motion Photo

From Now on all pictures that are taken will be taken as Motion Photos until the feature is turned off.

Android 10

1.Go ahead and launch the Camera on your phone.

2. Make sure you are on the Picture Mode.

3.Look at the top of the screen and select the fifth icon on the right. The icon looks like a square with a small triangle in it to one side.

4.You should see on screen : Motion Photo on.

Tapping the icon again once more you should see motion Photo off. There is no longer a option in setting to turn Motion Photo on or off.

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