iPhone 5 Watt VS 18 Watt Fast Charger

If you are on the fences about getting a 18 watt Fast charger for your iPhone then this articles compares the iPhone 5 Watt VS 18 Watt Fast Charger.

We show you exactly how much fast the 18 Watt charger charges your iPhone 11 or other iPhone that supports fast charging that you may have.

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Video Comparison Test showing the Regular VS the iPhone Fast Charger:

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You can click play above to watch the video and see the direct comparison or read below for the results.

The 5 Watt VS 18 Watt Fast Charger Test Results:

First of all the 5 Watt charger (smaller one) takes about 3 hours to charge the iPhone 11 fully. The 18 watt Fast charger can give you 50% in 30 minutes from 0 or 1%.

Do note that after 50% the charger reverts to slow charging and does not charge all the way super fast.

In my test with both charges the phones were given 4 Minutes and 30 seconds. During that time we got the following results:

5 Watt charger: 3% Charge increase.

18 watt Fast charger: 5-6% Charge increase.(About Double the charging Speed)


The iPhone Fast 18 watt charger is about double the charging speed of the regular charger or more. Once you use fast charging you simply cant go back to regular charging again.

You can easily charge your phone up in a pinch and get significant battery life that can be the difference between not having your phone to use for the day or enjoying enough battery life to get bye.

No one want to stand around waiting for their phone to charge longer than necessary. So go ahead and get a Apple fast charger it well worth it.

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So guys what do you think of the Fast charger compared to the normal charger? let me know in the comments.

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