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This one is for those when they plug their iPhone in to charge they start to hear a charging like beep, similar to the first time you plug it in to charge every 30 seconds or so.

These beeps are really annoying and is enough to drive you crazy. I encountered this problem with my iPhone 11.But do note this issue can happen with just about any iPhone that out there.

If like me you encountered this issue then fear not as I will show you how to fix the problem right now.

What Causes this issue?

This issue is caused by your iPhone Charger in most cases. To find out what to do and other causes continue reading below.

Video Tutorial:

Watch the Video tutorial below and see for yourself how its all done.

Click Play and watch

How to Fix the Issue?

In order to fix this issue:

1.You will need to switch back to a original Apple charger if you are using a after market charger. This includes a normal Apple Charger or Fast charger.

In my case with my iPhone 11 the issue was a faulty third party fast charger.

2.Sometimes the issue could be the Charge port of your iPhone being dirty. So go ahead and clean your charge port thoroughly. Use a piece of cloth or toilet paper and power off your phone.

In some rare cases it might be the port itself on older devices being faulty.

3.It might not be the entire charger but the USB cable portion or the adapter brick itself. Try changing both and see if the problem goes away.

Get your original iPhone charger:

Always get a OEM or Original Apple Charger it cost a little bit more but its guaranteed not to result in issues like these as long as its not damaged.

Get yours below.

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2 thoughts on “Charging iPhone keeps Beeping Fix

  • Dennis O

    I was very happy that I read your article today because my apple watch was dinging at me every minute or so while being charged (with an Apple Mag Charger plugged into an iMac). So I grabbed a nearby can of “GUST” and blew out the port on my iMac and the USB cord end of the charger, twenty minutes later the watch is still charging and without a peep