Make my Laptop run faster Windows 10

We all know the day you got that new Laptop it was perfect. It was fast and snappy and very responsive, but as time went on it would get slower and slower.

This guide will show you how to Make your Laptop run faster that’s running on Windows 10 or other Windows operating system.

Follow the tips below and speed up your PC or Laptop and have your PC as fast it it once did without lagging like crazy as it is now.

Video Tutorial:

Watch this guide and see what you can do in order to boost and speed up your PC or Laptop.

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What to do?

1.Go ahead and close all apps on your computer and turn off your PC completely and start back up.

Make my Laptop run faster Windows 10

2.Use a tool such as CCleaner or other PC cleaner to clear the cache, App data and registry errors on your device.

You can also manually clear the cache of your browser as shown here among other things.

3.You can also upgrade your Hard drive to SSD or look into defragmenting your Hard Drive.

4.Empty the Recycling bin and free up space on your PC by removing unnecessary files. The more room the operating system has to operate the best, as space becomes less it can affect the performance and speed of your PC.

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