YouTube Failed to Save Monetization Option Fix

So I just had a really annoying issue happen on YouTube where YouTube Failed to Save Monetization Option repeatedly.

This is what happened: I was uploading a video as normal and noticed that after finishing uploading that after entering the tags and settings the pop-up window would not save at the final stage on the upload as it kept saying settings not saved.

In another Window I noticed that the video was uploaded so I closed that window. The video was uploaded fully but monetization would not turn on. Each time saving or turning on monetization would fail with the error:

“Sorry,we were not able to save your video”

The messages varied a bit but ultimately Monetization setting would not save.

How to Fix the Problem?

YouTube Failed to Save Monetization Option
Example of the Error

I was ultimately able to fix this error by doing the following.

1.Go ahead and log-out of YouTube. Try clicking on your user icon in the upper right and choose to sign out.

2.Next clear the Cache of the Browser you are using or Clear the Cookies relating to YouTube in the browser if you know how. For example in Firefox go to : Options, Privacy & Security, Cookies and site Data section and clear data.

You can also go to Manage data and clear select cookies such as YouTube.Do note you can use a App to clear the data of your browser as well.

3.Using another browser or device should also have a similar effect or can be used as a workaround.

Why did this Happen?

Seems this might be a cache issue where you simply need to clear your browser cache and this should fix the problem with YouTube.

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