Save Motion Photo as Normal Picture,Video or GIF

I just took a very nice Picture on brand new Galaxy S20 or other Samsung Smartphone. The only issue though is that I have Motion Photo on and the Moment as passed.

Is there a way to Save Motion Photo as Normal Picture,Video or GIF?

The simple answer is yes. So that moment is not actually lost. What I love is that you can also do all this without installing anything on your smartphone.

What Will you be doing here?

Simply put we will be showing how to Save your existing Motion Photos that you have taken as: Normal Pictures, GIF file or a regular video.

Rest assured this sort of thing happens allot, you may have turned on Motion Photos and simply forgotten to turn it off.

Save Motion Photos as Normal Images or Videos:

This one will take a few minutes tops and seconds when you know how to do it correctly.

1.Find your Motion Photo in Gallery.

2.Tap on it and select View Motion Photo and tap the screen again.

3.From the panel shown at the bottom of the screen

a.Select the Square picture Icon to Save a Picture or create a Image.You may want to select the perfect frame from the timeline of the Motion Photo.

b.Select GIF to Save it as a GIF File.

c.To save as a video look in the upper right of the screen and select: Save Video.

A Video to Make things Easier:

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YouTube Video

Where are the Images or Files at?

The Files are saved in the Gallery in the same area as the motion Photo.So look before or after the motion Photo. If you took them some time ago they will not be at the front of the Gallery so look back to the area around the original file.

So you see guys it was not that hard where there is a will there is always a way. Keep at it.

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