How to see where you have been on iPhone

Think no one knows where you spend most of your time. The places you sneak away to be alone at such as that coffee shop on the corner with those donuts you cant get enough of.

Well your side kicks knows, yes your iPhone knows where you have been and where you spend most of your time.

Its called Significant Locations and it on by default and keeps all your location data. You will be surprised trust me.

Where is this feature and how to look at? well that what I am about to show you now. So forward this article to your friends so they can have a look as well.

So Crystal Ball Show me Where I have been:

Let get this started on tracking down or finding out how to find where i have been on iPhone

1.Click on Settings Icon.

2.Go over to Privacy.

3.Choose the first option of: Location Services.

4.Scroll down and go to : System Services.

5.Finally Significant Locations (PS. You will need Face ID here or Password)

As you can now see there is a treasure trove of all your Locations. where you have been, Home, Where you spend the most time and other incidental data you can infer from your activity (Wink).

PRO Tip: You can turn off the feature or tracking at the top of this screen. Simply turn the switch off beside-Significant Locations.

For more details on any Location simply click on it and you can see map data and time based information. Use edit and you can delete specific entries.

I prefer to see what to do:

I like your style. Luckily I have a video that should help with that and look you can even see I have other helpful videos too.

Video on YouTube

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Whats this feature?

This feature aka Significant Services is really meant to improve certain Apps and service on your device.

You can turn it off if you like, although it on by default regardless if you are aware of it or not.

Was that Surprising?

Was that surprising? bet it was. Luckily you now know about this feature right. Well from now on you and your friends who you shared this with earlier know about it.

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