How to Copy Instagram Profile link

I think its so nice that with one simple link you can easily share your Instagram profile with others.

What you don’t know where to find your Instagram profile link so that you can conveniently share your profile online.

This article with show you how to do that in the simplest way possible.

How to use this?

Have a direct link to your Instagram profile is a great way to grow your following online. You can point others to your profile so that they can follow you.

You can post this link on: Your Website, Social Media, YouTube and anywhere you can place a link or input a text.

The only thing is that its not so obvious how to get your Instagram link. For example My Instagram profile is here.

How to Get Instagram Profile Link?

So this is how to copy your Instagram profile link.

1.First you will need your Instagram User name. To find your User Name simply: Go to Instagram and go to your profile, edit profile and copy your username.

2.Now simply replace your user name in the link at the end below and that’s it.

For example my link is:

Video Guide:

Just in case you are not getting it this video will clear things up for you.

Play Video

You will also notice that in the description of all my videos that I have a link to Instagram.


1.Find your User Name as in step 1 above.

2.Go to Google and type into search: Instagram UserName.

3.For me it would be: Instagram rickytlc

4.Click the first result which should be your profile and copy the URL in the address bar. Note it will have some extra text at the end which can be deleted and stop at your username.

That’s it the link is now your profile link that you can paste anywhere you like to share your Instagram Profile. Its simple once you know what you do after the first time its quite easy and you simply have to keep the link save somewhere in case you need it again.

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