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This guide will show you How to Allow Access to Photos on Instagram. You will realize that on the iPhone if you don’t have access to photos you will not be able to access your Gallery and pictures you have previously taken.

This can be fixed by granting the appropriate permissions so that the Instagram App can access the Photos on your device.

I will walk you through the process.

Why don’t I have permission?

In most cases you don’t have permission because when the phone asked you probably denied it without realizing. Now if the phone does not ask you may not be sure what to do.

How to Allow Access to Photos on Instagram:

Click Play

In order to do this either watch the video directly above or read the directions below.

1.Go to settings.

2.Scroll down to Instagram.

3.Under Photos make sure it set to: read and write.


Do note that sometime the Photos option is missing so instead.

1.Launch Instagram.

2.From the Home feed click on the + icon bottom center. You will either be prompted to allow Photos access or be taken to the setting where you can set Photos to Read and write.

Note if the setting is missing it should appear.

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    You need to limit access to your photos and not allow instagram & Facebook to write photos into your devices. There is a setting to allow limited access to the photos you allow. OR you can go to the instagram website online, login and upload photos to share without giving any access to your phone’s photos. You may also want to check (and turn off & delete) the sync of all of your contacts that the website has uploaded. Allowing access to your phone goes a whole lot farther than you may ever have imagined. Please check to see what they do with your data as they do sell it and share it as well as integrate it with others to target specific messages as well as ads to you and your friends. (Take note (google it) of the lawsuit recently filed by the State of Texas against Facebook (Meta) for the unlawful collection and use of biometric data from all of it’s users. Sheesh!