How to Make Videos Private and Public on TikTok

My guide today will be on How to Make Videos Private and Public on TikTok. So for those that want to make a particular video private or only allow Friends and you to see then this is the guide.

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Please Note

Do note that once you make a video private only you will be able to see it. The only exception is if you choose to set it to Friends to see in which case only you and those that follow you and you follow them in return (Friends) can see.

Also make sure whatever you upload as private is in alignment with TikTok rules or it will be deleted even though it private. This will also work on Android and iPhone or iOS the same.

Video Guide:

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How to Make your Videos Private?

In order to make your videos private you will be.

1.Launch TikTok and go to your profile.

2.Click on any video you want to make private.

3.On the video click the three dots on the right side.

4.Select the padlock or Privacy settings.

5.Finally under :Who can view this video click and set from Public to Private. Confirm the messages shown. You can also set to Friends so they alone can see or back to Public here.

Go back to your profile notice the video is gone. To see Private Videos go to the tab with the padlock.

6.Finally if you ever want to switch modes or go back to Public simply repeat the steps and choose public or another option.

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