Instagram Data Saver Not Working

This guide will walk you through what you can do in case unfortunately Instagram Data Saver Not Working or missing for you.

So if you are having issues with the Data Saver feature this guide will show you what to do to fix the problem and you can start saving data while using Instagram on your mobile data.

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Video Tutorial:

This guide will show you what to do in video form one step at a time. Watch the guide and see how to fix your issue by clicking play below.

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How to Fix the Issue?

For those with the Data Saver not working on Instagram for Android or iPhone.

1.Go to the App to the App store on android or iPhone and update your Instagram to the latest version of the app. It would also be a good idea to also update your phone too.

2.If the problem still persists then go ahead and uninstall the Instagram App and then install again afresh.

3.Reboot your smartphone and check to see if the Data Saver feature has showed up or is working.

4.On Android only go ahead and launch settings, then go to Apps. Next search for Instagram and go to storage and clear cache and then Clear data.

You will have to log back into your account when next launched. That should fix it.

5.If all else fails then launch Instagram, go to your profile, click the three lines upper right and go to settings. Next go to Help and then Report a problem and finally choose Report a problem and explain the situation.

If its something that can be fixed on their side Instagram should fix it. The only issue is they will not reply in most cases directly so you will have to check if the issue is fixed periodically.

Did that Fix the Problem?

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