How to Use Instagram Data Saver feature?

The Instagram data saver is a feature you should be using if your are using Mobile data or Cellular data on your phone. It can save lots of megabytes and prevent you from hitting your data cap.

I personally love that the feature means that my data plan can last longer without me hitting my data cap.

If you want to know about this feature and how to use it on Android or iPhone then this guide will walk you through the process.

How to Turn on Instagram Data Saver?

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This is How to turn on the Instagram Data Saver feature

1.Launch Instagram and go to your profile.

2.Click the three lines in the upper right and go to settings.

3.Next go to Account.

4. Now choose Cellular Data Use on Android or on iPhone choose Mobile data Use.

Now turn on the Data Saver feature with the toggle on the right. Leave the other settings if any at their default as the feature will not activate while on WiFi.

That’s it once you are on Mobile data the feature will kick in on Instagram to save you data.

What is Instagram Data Saver?

The Instagram data saver is a feature that uses less mobile data and may affect your experience on Instagram. For example, photos and videos may take longer to load as described in the Instagram Description.

This is because the feature uses various techniques to save on data.

I am not seeing the Feature/Not working?

In case your are not seeing the Data Saver feature or its not working then read the guide here on How to Fix the Data Saver feature on Instagram.

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