iPhone No SIM Card Installed Error Fix

This one is for those like me are getting a error message that reads: iPhone No SIM Card Installed. The funny thing is that a SIM card is actually installed and the phone was working just fine before.

The worst part is that this type of error tend to happen at the worst time possible that you need to use your phone.

In my case it happened when I needed my phone to use the Maps to find my way. But like me I will show you what I did to fix the problem within minutes of it happening.

iPhone No SIM Card Installed Error
The Error

What devices does this apply to?

This guide was written with the iPhone in mind. But bear in mind that this can apply to other phones as well. So try these tips out regardless of what device you have.

Video Tutorial:

This video guide will show you what to do step by step. You can also read the written directions below as well.

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How I fixed this Issue?

  1. Go ahead and locate the SIM card tray of your phone.
  2. Use a SIM eject tool and remove your SIM card.If you don’t have a SIM tool on hand a Paper clip will work fine.
  3. Go ahead and remove the SIM card and wipe off the metal portion. Also look and see if the SIM card is bent at all.
  4. If its a bit bent it can be flexed back in shape. Be careful not to over flex in case its bent as it can break if bent too much.
  5. Place the SIM back in and that should do it, the SIM should detect again as it did with mine.

Why is this working?

In most cases if the above worked chances are the SIM card may have become loose or shifted and by doing the above fixed it. Contacts on the SIM can become corroded a bit or something on the surface prevents it from being detected.

Additional Things to Try:

1.Reboot your Phone.

2.Make sure your service did not expire with your Carrier.

3.Make sure your SIM Card is not damaged.

4.Make sure SIM tray port is clean and free from lint or dirt.

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