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Today guys I will be showing you how to deal with a reoccurring and popular problem that many users have been experiencing on Instagram with the Try Again Later Instagram problem.

In this article I will aim to explain the error,tell you why it happens and what you can do to fix it. At the end of the post you should better understand the problem and what you can do to fix it.

The error

The error is known as the Try Again Later Instagram error or Problem based on the wording of the error itself. Its closely related to the Action Blocked error which is another error or problem that may appear in some cases.

The error reads:

“Try Again Later

We restrict certain activity to protect our community. Based on your use, this action will be unavailable for you until XXXX-XX-XX. Tell us if you think we made a mistake.”

Do note that the error messaging may vary and it sometimes includes a date to which the ban will end and in other cases it does not state a date. Also it can happen for Apple iPhones or iOS devices and Android.

What doe this all Mean?

On signing up to Instagram you did agree to their terms of service and you are bound by it. Now while you use the platform and Instagram wants you use it some actions are not allowed. These action (The Ban from Instagram) is to keep things fair for everyone.

If you are a spamming, a spam bot or a spammer then due to the nature of your actions they Instagram want to stop such actions as this is bad for the community. No one likes a spammer-so in that regard there is a automated system that seeks out spam and spammers and stops them.

You are seeing the Try Again Later Instagram error because you have been identified as a spammer and as such your actions have been limited to protect the community.

In other words this is Instagram’s nice way of saying stop that. So they have placed you in time out-naughty. Odd thing is I bet you have no clue what you did wrong.

But I am Not a Spammer

Now most likely you are not a spammer and you got the message Try Again Later Instagram message indicating you are blocked. You are not alone and the system while it works does either blocks people in error or you did something it considers as spamy in nature.

It does happen and you are unfortunately now facing it. Well now that we know what happens we can start to undo it and get you back to the side of the Good and unblocked.

Whats may be Considered as Spam Like Actions:

The following and others which are constantly being added to the algorithm actions may get you flagged as a spammer.

1.Commenting the same comment over and over, Posting that weird set of Emojis that you simply love to post no text and so on.

2.Liking the posts of the latest Instagram account that you simply can’t get enough of 100 times in a row.

3.Mass following, Unfollowing or abusing any of Instagram’s similar features.

4.Using a third party App that automates your Instagram. These may do things such as Follow for follow, Growing your account, Automating posting, Adding some secret feature to the App like seeing who is viewing your profile or some other crazy thing.

5.Even adding strange links to your profile or posting them in comments.

6. Any unnatural action that may be perceived to be from a automated system and not generated by a sane normal human who is using the platform as it was intended.

Video Tutorial:

This is my Video Tutorial on the whole thing in case you prefer to hear what to do. You can also read the directions below.

Click Play

How to Fix the Try Again Later Instagram Problem?

To fix this one will require you try all the following and see which one works for you.

1.If you are using a third party software to control your account as described above go ahead and disable it from within the App and uninstall it. next in some cases it may help to change your password or revoke App permission to this app.

2.If you were liking a lot of content go ahead and unlike them.Note do not do this all at once as this will get you re-flagged as well. Review your likes especially if they went to one account a lot.

Go to settings,Account,Posts you’ve liked and simply remove your likes or clean them up. Also go back and review and remove comments in moderation.

3.Go ahead and review your bio and remove any strange links and spice it up. In some cases it can work to prove you are human.

4.Link Instagram to your Facebook. Seems this helps to prove that you are a real person. Go to settings, Account and Linked Accounts and click on Facebook and follow the directions to login.

5.You can also especially after cleaning up your account contact Instagram and explain you are not a spammer. They can review your account and lift the ban if they see fit. You can also find the contact form in settings, help, report a problem and contact them. You can also report from the error itself.

Do note again that even if they lift the temporary ban and you repeat said action or new ones you will be back to being banned and they will most likely not help you again.

6.Give it some time in most cases you can out wait the ban especially if they give you a time frame in which it will be lifted. Do note they don’t always indicate a time for the ban.

Sometimes taking a short or a good break especially with the tips above is enough to get the spam system off your back and allows you enough room to move forward and avoid some actions that will get you back here.

One more thing

I know you are frustrated but take the time and follow the tips and you will be good again trust me on this one. If you have a direct Question on this issues ask away below I am here to help out.

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4 thoughts on “Try Again Later Instagram Fix


    I have been trying to fix an issue that seems to be effecting both my Facebook and Instagram: on FB I receive an error message anytime I try to post a link to my website and on IG any action I take (specifically tested following an account) is also bringing the error you mention above (with no date).
    I am not sure why this is but might be related, the only identical variable may be my website?
    Please please help as neither FB nor IG have any support or explanations.

  • Anna

    I have the error on my screen the whole time and therefore cannot do any of the actions you recommend (unlike things, file appeal etc). How can I possibly get around that?