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This one should be a good one. Today I will be showing you How to Hide Facebook Active Status. While this feature is on as it is by default friends and those who are following you can easily tell that you are online or that you are Active or was recently active.

Not a bad feature but if you want to keep your activities private or don’t want persons to know when you are online or active as they may use this to say you saw a message and so on which may cause issues if you know what I mean.

Follow along as i show you how to turn the Facebook Active Status on or off on either iPhone or Android devices.

How to Turn Facebook Active Status on or Off?

1.Launch Facebook on either iOS or Android.

2.Click the three lines lower right.

3.Scroll down and under:Privacy & Settings click : Settings.

4.Go to the Privacy section and look for: Active Status.

5.Now turn off or on as desired beside Show when you’re active.

Video Guide

Watch my video guide to see everything for yourself done step by step.

Click Play

What have I just done?

You have turned off Active Status off or on depending on what you are trying to do. The feature is on by default and most people want it off. When off it will your friends and contacts will not be able to see when you are active or recently active. The same also goes for you seeing when they are active as well once you turn the feature off.

If it was off you can turn it back on and it will do the reverse of the above.

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