Instagram QR Code New Feature

Each time you need to find someone on Instagram you will have to remember their weird User name and then find them. If they are real popular there might even be similarly named accounts which leads to the confusion. The new Instagram QR Code feature easily takes care of this.

Follow me as I break down this new feature and show you how it works on Android as well as iOS or iPhone. The feature makes things way more convenient for users to share and follow accounts they want to.

What is Instagram QR code?

The Instagram QR code is a special QR code that’s generated by Instagram that when scanned will allow you to easily find and follow a person, Business or influncer of your choice.

Its a convenient way for users to share their profile and follow others. The QR code allows for sharing and scanning and is all Integrated into the Instagram app. You can easily share the Instagram QR code anywhere you like including social media and more.

You can use the share option beside the code or screenshot, share and print.

Video Guide:

This Video guide will walk you through How to Use the new QR code feature that’s built into Instagram as easily as possible.

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How to Use Instagram Qr Code?

1.Go ahead and launch Instagram.

2.Go to your profile page by clicking the last icon in the lower right of the screen.

3.Click the three lines upper right and choose: QR code. The code shown is your QR code and anyone that scan it will find and follow your profile.

4.To scan someones QR code simply look to the lower center of your code you see the option to Scan QR code which will bring up your scanner. Simply point it at someone else’s code to scan and so on.

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