How to install Fortnite on Android after ban

If you do not know by now let me inform you that you cannot install Fortnite on Android through the Google Playstore any more. Does that mean that you cant install Fortnite at all? No but the Playstore method was the most convenient method before.

This article will show you How to install Fortnite on Android after ban. I will be outline three (3) methods you can use to install Fortnite on Android or other Samsung devices.

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What devices will this work on?

While the Fortnite ban affects other devices this article was written specifically for Android devices and devices such as the Samsung Galaxy line of devices.

This includes Android based Tablets, Smartphones and so on.

How to Install Fortnite After the Google Play Ban?

Follow the methods below based on the deice that you have. The first method is for Samsung Galaxy Devices only and the last two are for any Android device including Samsung’s.

You can also watch my video below for a visual guide on how its all done:

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1.Galaxy Store Method

This method is for Samsung based Android devices.

1.Go ahead and look for the Galaxy Store and launch the App. It comes installed on all Samsung Galaxy devices.

2. Go to the search bar and search: Fortnite.

3.When you find Fortnite click on it and Install.

4.Launch the Game finish the download and follow the directions to login and you are good to go.

2.Install Directly From Epic Games

This one will work for any Android and even Samsung smartphones and devices.

1.Launch your browser and go to Google and search for: Epic Games.

2.From the results you should see the Epic Games website Go ahead and click not on the first link but the section in the First result that says: Android.

3.Now choose the First option that says: Get it on the Epic Game App.

4.Allow the download as shown and download the EpicGamesApp.Apk. Open the App and allow relevant permissions and install.

5.Launch the Game and finish download and login once again.

3.Install from Third Party APK files

This one works on any Android including Samsung devices. You can learn more about installing .apk files here.

  1. Go to Google and search for: Fortnite.apk download. You will get several results be careful as you will need to get the file from a trusted source. I suggest you research the websites offering the downloads before proceeding.
  2. When you fin a good source download the apk file.
  3. Install the file and Open the Fortnite App.
  4. Once downloads finish you can login and start enjoying the Game again as normal.

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