The Best UPS for the PS5 4

The PlayStation 5 is finally here and everyone wants to get their hands on this Gaming console. With all the considerations what to get with your new PS5 one thing most users forget is that they actually need a UPS to protect their investment. With a Uninterruptible Power Supply or UPS you can easily protect […]

The Best UPS for the PS5

The Best UPS for the Xbox One X

The Best UPS for the Xbox One X

So a popular question many Xbox users ask themselves is : Can you plug the Xbox One X into a UPS? or doe the Xbox work with a UPS? This may be the case as you are experiencing frequent power cuts that’s interfering with your Gaming plus it can even damage your console. With that […]

new video games

New video games for October

So it’s another month and its time for another Video Game round-up with hot new video games that will be released for the month of October. All the following titles will be released in this month so you can keep an eye out for all these great titles for all platforms including PC, XBox,PlayStation and […]

Mega Run for Android

Mega Run is the successor to the addictive Android game Mega Jump that takes the adventure in a whole new direction. Instead of being a vertical progression based games the new Mega Run changes tactics and has you on a horizontal side scrolling mission that’s reminiscent of Super Mario with more advanced graphics. The main […]

Mega Run