How to Change Zoom Background Effect

Have you noticed that some Zoom users have very cool backgrounds or even a video in the background when in a meeting? Well you can have this cool feature as well.

Its a cool setting and you can use it to enhance your Zoom calls or meetings. Plus there is the added effect of others not being able to see your immediate surrounds.

Learn in this article How to Change Zoom Background Effect.

How its done?

In order to change your Zoom background go ahead and

1. Go ahead and launch Zoom.

2.Inside a Meeting or chat tap the screen to bring up the options.

3. Go to More and then virtual background. Now choose one of the defaults or browse through your gallery to use one of your pictures or a downloaded background from online.

The Feature is Missing:

If the feature of virtual Background is missing try logging into your account on a Laptop or desktop and enabling the feature in settings. Also make sure you have the latest version of Zoom installed on your phone. You can also try logging out and clearing Zooms cache or reinstall the App and logging back in.

Video Tutorial:

Like video tutorials the guide below shows you what to do.

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