Voicemail Notification Won’t go away iPhone

If you are plagued with Voicemail Notification Won’t go away iPhone issue then this article will show you how to get rid of the issue.

I personally had this issue recently where all of a sudden I was getting Voicemail notifications indicating the presence of a voicemail. When I checked my voicemail I found that there was none.

The Voicemail notification would popup every few minutes and interrupt me as I used my iPhone. This guide will show you how I stopped the Voicemail popups.

How to Fix the Problem?

Click Play

1.When you get another Voicemail Notification go ahead and swipe down from the left of the Home screen to open notifications center.

2.Long press the Voicemail Notification and you should see a play option.

3.Now select Deliver Quietly.This will silence the notification and prevent it from popping up and disturbing you.

4.Click settings and you will see the detailed Notifications settings. You can customize the settings here for that notification, if you want to.

The key ones to be turned off are the banner option which will popup while using the phone and the Lock screen. Once those are off the Message or Voicemail notification will only popup in Notifications.


In case the Workaround above is not enough for you and you don’t want the messages at all showing up. Even if they are hidden in Notifications and you are not seeing them.

Then seeing this issue varies so much among carriers you can contact your carrier and there may be something they can do from there side, otherwise:

1.Backup your iPhone completely as we are going to Erase everything.

2.Go to settings and then General.

3. Reset and then: Erase all content and settings.

Follow the on screen directions for completely erasing your device.

The issue should be fixed once your phones erased.

What was your experience?

Share your experience and let me know how things have worked out in the comments below. Also please share this and check out even our other articles as well.

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