How to Turn Off Tracking on iPhone

Today’s focus will be on how you can turn off tracking on any iPhone. In any one given time you will find that Apps and other third party’s may be tracking your actions and interests.

In this way they an advertise to you. This can be great for discovering product that exist that may solve your problem but on the other hand you may not like the prying as it invades your privacy.

This guide will show you some of the main setting you can disable in your iPhone in an attempt to improve your privacy on your iPhone. You feedback is always welcomed at the end of the article.

Video Tutorial:

My video tutorial walks you through which settings to turn off right now on your iPhone to improve your privacy on your device.

Click Play and watch

How to turn off Tracking on your iPhone:

1.Go to settings.

2.Now select privacy and go to tracking.

3.Now turn off : Allow Apps to Request to Track.

4.Go back and then select: Location Services and turn the feature off All together with the toggle at the top.

Or more conveniently choose to do so on a App per App basis. Apps such as Maps will need the feature to work. However you can select Apps such as Facebook and then Choose: Never or set it to ask next time like I do and turn off Precise Location so when location is given only a general area will be shown and not your pinpoint location.

5.Go back again to Setting, Privacy and select Apple Advertising and turn off: Personal Ads.

6.Go back and select Location services once more, System Services, Significant Location and clear your History. You will notice it keeps a note of your most visited locations. Now turn off Significant Locations.

That’s it we have covered all the major settings and your device is that mush more private.

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