Move Multiple Apps at once IOS 14

OK so have you ever taken up the mammoth task of trying to organize your Home screen on your iPhone? Well for one its so time consuming especially if you have lots of Apps.

To move your Apps between the Home screens or pages one at a time and organise them based on what they are used for can be so annoying. Imagine moving one at a time when they are all over.

Some people cat be bothered to he point where they simply leave things as is. This guide will show you how to effortlessly organise your phone and do so easily with one super tip.

What device does this Work for?

This tip works for iPhone’s especially those that are on IOS 14. I am not sure if this will work for older ISO versions but it should work.

Video Tutorial:

Watch the Video tutorial and see what to do as outlined by the Video below.

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How to Move Multiple apps at once IOS 14?

  1. On your Home screen or a Page on your iPhone find some Apps you want to move.
  2. Go ahead and select any one App until it starts to giggle.
  3. While the man app is giggling go ahead and use your other finger to select any other app you want to move, simply tap the apps and notice the number of the main App you have with the main finger count go up.
  4. Now drag the Apps over to the Page you want and let go. Notice they all have been move in one motion.
  5. Now you can organize your Home screen or pages much easier with this tip.

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