iPhone Built in Document Scanner

You may not be aware but iPhone actually has a built in Document Scanner. It can be used to make individual scans or you can make a big compilation of scans in a single document.

You can then in turn go ahead and share your scans online or wherever you want to share them. All of this can be done without downloading a single thing.

This is the case as the Document scanner is installed on every iPhone from out the box. The thing is though that people are not aware of it. The best part is that its very good and you don’t not need to download a third party Document scanner.

What devices does this work for?

You will find that this works with all iPhone’s. This includes even the newer iPhone 11 and 12. You can also try this out on older iPhone’s as well.

Video Tutorial:

Watch the following tutorial and see what to do in order to learn how to scan documents using your iPhone without needing to download anything.

Click Play and watch

How to Scan Documents with the iPhone’s Built in Document Scanner?

1.Go ahead and find the Notes App which is installed by default on all iPhone’s.

2.Long press the App until the context menu appears.

3.Select Scan Document.

4.Point the scanner at a document you want scanned and when satisfied press the shutter button. It will automatically take a picture when its detects the best shot as well.

5.Click done in the upper part of the screen or keep scan. Click Save which will add it to Notes.You can go back to notes at any time and see your scans.

6.When you open a scan you can add additional scans or share the scanned document. The dots upper right gives the options to share and editing options can be seen below the scanned Image or you can click on it to edit.

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