How to Find Apps You Deleted on Android

So have you ever used a App in the past only to after a long while want the App again and because you uninstalled it or had it on a older device you cant recall the name?

Well it happens and it would be nice if there was a way How to Find Apps You Deleted on Android. Well there is and you can look at all the Apps you ever downloaded that way you can find old useful Apps and install them again.

What you need to know?

This will work especially if you have used the same Google account with your Android devices over the years.

Watch this Video Guide:

My video guide is below and see how everything is done.

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How to Find Apps you have Deleted?

This is how to Find Apps you Deleted on Android

1.Go ahead and launch Google Play Store.

2. Click the three lines upper left.

3.Select My Apps & Games.

4.You should be on the Updates tab, go ahead and select the Library tab.

5.Now all the Apps you are seeing were once installed on your device. Search through the list and install any App you have installed before that now deleted from your device.

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