How to Lock Bios with Password and set Password on Boot

Worried that someone might steal your Laptop and try to reformat it for a quick sale at top dollar? Well there is something you can do that will make your Laptop that harder for someone to steal and profit from it.

I am talking about learning How to Lock Bios with Password and set Password on Boot. That way other than the Windows Password your Laptop will ask for a Password the minute it boot up or if you try to get to the BIOS to reformat windows or things like that.

Don’t make it easy for crooks you can make things that much harder.

What Laptops does this work on?

This will work on any Laptop, in my experience and its been a feature I have been using over the years with all my devices.

How to Do it?

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1.Power off your Laptop completely.

2. Once your Laptop is powered off go ahead and press power and immediately press F2 key repeatedly (Its Delete key on some device) and you will boot into the Bios.

Do note that on some devices the Laptop will tell you which key to press to enter the Bios on the first text that appears on the screen.

3.Once in the BIOS go to security ans set : Supervisor Password by highlighting the option and click enter. You will have to enter the password you want twice.

4.After this you will be able to select Password on Boot.

5.After this go to exit and choose the option to save and exit. The Laptop will ask for the Password as it boots up and the device will boot up only after you enter it.

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