Deleting Files Not Freeing Space Android Fix

This guide is for anyone that owns a Android Phone or tablet and Deleting Files Not Freeing Space Android device. It can happen you go to Gallery and delete pictures and files and to your surprise doing so is not freeing up space.

You may have deleted lots of these files and the free space has not increased at all. This is what you can do in order to fix this issue right now.

Video Tutorial:

Watch this video guide that shows you everything you will need to know.

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How to Free up your storage Space?

If the above is happening to you and despite deleting files you are not seeing any new space being freed up then try this:

1.Go to your Gallery.

2.Click the three dots upper right.

3.Select trash.

4.And finally select empty and confirm to deleting all the files being stored in the trash.

That’s it the file that were being stored in your trash are now deleted and the space will be freed up for you top be used now.

Why did this Happen?

The reason this happens is because all Videos and pictures that’s deleted go to your Trash on Android as long as the Trash is activated. Seeing the trash is hidden from view you will not be able to see it and think that the files are fully deleted but they are waiting in the trash for 30 days to be deleted unless you empty the trash.

How well did I do?

Did doing this help in your situation and free up space that is needed by you? Please let me know in the comments and please also check out even more tutorials right now.

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