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The Xbox Series X is a great console and has all the latest features you could ever want in a console. On the other hand you will find that we are all at the mercy of power cuts at random.

These constant brownouts are not only annoying they can interrupt your Game play, allow you to loose progress and even damage your expensive console. You can easily solve this with a UPS or Uninterrupted Power Supply. But which one to get? Thus our look at The Best UPS for the Xbox Series X.

Getting a UPS is not simple as buying something as you will find below.

Whats the Power Draw of the XBox Series X?

To choose a UPS that can handle the Xbox Series X you will need to know the power draw of the console. The Xbox series X draws at idle about 44 Watts give or take and at max load for very demanding current Games that exist you can expect about 165 Watts or a bit more at peak load.

This power draw will fluctuate depending on what you are doing from actually playing a game or going through the console menus without a Game been loaded.

Best UPS for the Xbox Series X?

Seeing the Xbox Series X draws about 165 watts at max you will need a 450 Watt Ups minimum or a 850 VA Battery backup. That way if you have a sudden power cut or brownout your Game play will not be interrupted.

On the other hand if its a full power cut the UPS wont last forever but it will give you a few minutes to save your Game and safely power off your console.

You will find that if you have other consoles the power draw and requirements will be roughly be the same give or take so your UPS can handle whatever console you are playing at the time, one at a time of course so that’s a added bonus.

The Best UPS for the Xbox Series X

Recommended UPS

So these are my recommended UPS units based on the Xbox Series X and the required power you need. I will start with the minimum unit you can possibly get away with and then look at more powerful units that will give you more time and support your TV set as well.

1. Starter Unit: 450 Watts

This 850 VA or 450 Watts UPS is the minimum I would recommended to start you off. Using anything less will not work and will simply shut down the minute the power goes out.

This will hold steady in a quick power outage and give you some time to save in a full power outage. Not much but enough to save and power down if power is totally gone. If its a Quick brownout you can play through them without interruption.

2. Middle Tier: 600 Watts

A 1000 VA or 600 Watt UPS is capable of giving you more power and touches a sweet spot greater than the unit above. In a full on power outage you will find that you will have more time to save and power down before the UPS runs out of power.

You are also fully protected from quick power outages that cuts the power for a few seconds. You also get a load indicator and battery remaining indicator on the UPS so you can see exactly whats going on to judge what to do in a outage.

3.Recommended Unit: 900 Watts

This is the really power house option and one of the best options you will find with a 900 watt or 1500 VA unit. This will take care of all your needs, keep you powered during a full on outage for a good while and give you grace period to shutdown without rushing too much.

Please Bear in Mind:

This will not keep you powered forever and will only give you enough time in a full on outage to give you enough time to save your game and power off.

The UPS will prevent a sudden power down which may cause be a sudden short power cut that last only a few seconds. Which always interrupts your Game. So short power cuts are not a issue as you can play through them.

The UPS can protect your Console from surges or sudden shutdowns that can cause damage to your device as it regulates power.

For starter UPS units make sure that its OK for your console to shutdown when you press power and not go into any form of standby mode. Especially helpful in cases your monitor goes out and you need to shutdown a console from your power button only.

What are your Thoughts?

Please share your feedback on what was your UPS of choice. I would love to have your feedback which you can give below in your comments. Please take the time now and also check out more of our content.

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