Samsung phone not turning on

This guide is for those that have a Samsung phone not turning on or powering up. There are many reason why your smartphone from Samsung or Android phone is not starting up at all and this guide will walk you through what you can do to fix the problem.

There are many things that could be wrong with your device but you will see based on our experience that these are the most likely and easiest things that are often wrong and that can be easily fixed.

In the majority of cases it only a minor problem which I can show you how to deal with. In other cases it may be a serious issue but those are rare.

What happening to my device?

In most cases your Android or Samsung device may either be out of charge or the software has crashed on the device. In a few cases it may be hardware failure affecting the device which would require replacing but that’s unlikely in most cases.

Samsung phone not turning on

Video Tutorial:

This is my video guide that walks you through what you can do right now.

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How to Fix your Samsung Phone not powering up?

1.Go ahead and check the charger that you use with your device. It may be that the USB portion or adapter is broken and as such its not working. I suggest you switch this out for a extra one, borrow or buy one and see.

Your phone will not charge and might be out of power because of a faulty charger.

2.The USB port might be at fault and your device has issues charging. If you have a wireless charger you can bypass a faulty charge port and still charge.

3.Try the following : Hold down the volume down button and power key at the same time and don’t let go until you see the Samsung logo. You might be surprised to see your device power up.

4.If you did the above and your phones charged and nothing is happening after repeated attempts then its time to take your device in. There might be a more severe issue and your smartphone may need to have parts replaced.

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