2021 Samsung Galaxy Apps Crashing Fix 14

So this one should be a fast one for those who are experiencing a sudden increase in your Samsung Galaxy Apps Crashing. This is a specific problem for 2021 and may even apply beyond.

So go ahead and give this a try as it has worked for many others and should also work for you as well.

Why is this specific Issue happening?

So this issue of Samsung Galaxy Apps crashing is caused by the App on your Samsung or Android called:Android System Webview. Seems a bug from a recent update has triggered this problem where it causes your apps to crash.

Video Guide:

See my video guide that should help you out and please leave a like if this was useful.

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How to Fix this Problem?

So in order to fix the problem you will need uninstall Android System Webview

1.Launch the Google PlayStore.

2.Now search for : Android System Webview.

3.Choose uninstall and uninstall the app on your device.

4.That should do it or you can reboot for good measure.

Alternative Method:

1.You could also try going to settings.

2.Next go to Apps.

3.Search for: Android System WebView

4.Select it and you should see an option in most cases at the bottom of the screen to uninstall it. If its not shown click the three lines upper right and select show system apps and it should show up.

As above uninstall and once uninstalled go ahead and reboot. Try your apps again which should now work fine. If there is a option to uninstall updates that should work as well or even better.

Long Term Solution

There should be a update of Android System WebView that should easily solve this problem once and for all soon as it seems to be a bug relating to the app and this current update.

Before You Leave

Please share the guide as it should prove useful to all those having this problem now. Thanks for tuning in and I appreciate your support.

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14 thoughts on “2021 Samsung Galaxy Apps Crashing Fix

  • Lynn

    Hi, thank you for the help, I am unable to uninstall, from Play store or in APP setting.. it is not an option.. only disable… can you advise?

    • Ricardo Post author

      In App settings click the three dots and choose show system settings for it to show in some cases.Then remove updates or disable. You can also now update the App from PlayStore as an official bug fix is released.

  • Gloria

    Thanks! That solved what I thought was an intractable problem.
    Actually, I just performed an update of the Webview and all my apps work again. But now that I have the culprit’s name and location if there are more problems, it’s “Off with its head!.”

  • Geoff THOMPSON

    Hi, I followed your instructions to “uninstall system webview”, however I cannot get/do not have an “uninstall” box displayed. I therefore cannot uninstall it. Any suggestions? Thanks kindly.

  • Zishan

    My Samsung A51 recently did a software update following which, many applications failed to load completely. You have been a great help and I thank you.

  • RavenFall Studios

    Good however this DOES not work on the S6 models. When you search the App in System or go to the play store there is NO uninstall option. (in either)– The Webview is integrated. You can see it in both places, but no controls. SO~ Simply uninstall or shut down the chrome app. (The app is integrated into chrome (also no settings for it) – Restart your Phone and all should work again. (Note this does not remove ALL GOOGLE account active functions, just the chrome end of them) – and you can use a different browser if needed.