How to Install Extensions on Safari

If you though Safari was cool before you really should install extensions to take things to the next level. Extensions are a cool way of expanding the functionality of the Safari Browser and doing so in fine style.

So learn right now how to install extensions on safari browser as it one of the best things you can do. There is practically an extension for anything you could want in additional functionality in your browser.

All you need is this article and find a cool extension and your browser will have new features to suit your needs easily.

What device will this apply to?

This will apply to any MacBook or device that running the safari browser. Extensions are a built in feature or part of your browser.

How to Add Extensions on Safari?

To add a extension on Safari do the following.

1.Launch Safari.

2.On your MacBook click on Safari in the upper left of the screen.

3.Click on Safari extensions.

4.You will be taken to the Browser extension page where you will see all the extensions. You can search for a specific one or look through the top choices. Thats it once added you should soon have the functionality of the extension and it will show up depending on what it does.

Video Tutorial

Watch the video tutorial will show you how it’s all done step by step. Click Play to watch the video right away.

Click Play

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