JVC Smart TV Black Screen Fix 5

So this particular fix has to do with the JVC Smart TV Black Screen. I encountered this issue on a JVC LT-49KC485 FHD LED SMART TV. The issue and solution may also work on other JVC TV sets and even on other TV set brands as well.

So be sure to read the directions given as well as the full explanation so you understand this problem and the fix so you can deal with it each time it occurs.

The Issue:

So with this problem your Smart TV will go black when in TV mode. So you may have a cable box,Satellite or Game connected and the screen will stay blank or black. I also in the case of the JVC LT-49KC485 FHD LED SMART TV there was a text in the upper right flashing HDMI 1 1080i@60hz.

On other TV Sets things may be a little different. The issue sometimes may correct itself at random and the TV set may return to normal and start display picture and sound. This guide will show you how to fix the problem ever time it happens and show you the cause.

How to Fix JVC Smart TV Black Screen

In order to fix the Black Screen Problem or Blank Screen problem

1. On your JVC Remote go to Menu.

2.Choose the clear Memory function and clear the TV Memory.

3.Exit by clicking exit button.

4.Finally click Home and go to the smart TV home center. Notice that the TV should start showing again. Go ahead and select the TV and go back to TV and it will work fine again.

Please Note: If the above did not work as you do not have the “specific TV mentioned” the issue may not happen in the same way as described and you may not be able to access a menu. In such a case it not the guides fault as you have a different TV set. In that case Try this guide that written for Any TV that may help you.

Video Tutorial:

Watch the video tutorial and see the problem and solution as it happens and find the solution.

Click Play

Why did this Happen?

Here is the reason this happens and how to trigger the problem so you can avoid it.

If you click Home and go the Smart TV main control center you will see your Apps if you select YouTube and simply play a video and exit and go to the TV it will be black or blank. There may be other Apps as well that triggers the blank screen other than YouTube.

I find that if you follow the fix above it will fix the problem each time.

Before you Go

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5 thoughts on “JVC Smart TV Black Screen Fix

  • Julio Ortiz

    Well this is (Edited), it doesn’t tell me why this happened or how to prevent it will happen again. If I want a quick fix I just turn the tv off an on again and I have picture again, the problem is when this happens five or six times while watching a movie, it is frustrating! I think it has to do with the frequency of the signal that the tv receives, or something related to that. I noticed it happen when the scene is mostly black and white, or with white flashes. So I try to google more info about it and I just get this (edited) article… My UHF smart TV is barely a year old and I hate to be dealing with malfunctions like this! Best way to fix it…. Buy LG or Samsung!!

    • Ricardo Post author

      The problem occurs on all TV brands at times.This particular problem was very specific to the JVC LT-49KC485 FHD LED SMART TV. It may be the case with other TV sets as well as I indicated but until someone else confirms it I cant tell. I would love to know how things turn out. Also I have other solutions for the Black Screen problem that has greater luck in fixing the problem for General TV sets,search my articles for that or videos.

      • Egbert

        Hi Ricardo, I have a JVC LT55N776 Smart Curved TV, the screen went totally black, sound going, unplugged power for at least an hour put back on power to no avail, do not get anything on screen, stays totally black, no messages on screen, nothing.

  • Io's ala

    I have a JVC LT-49VU63J. This phenomenon occurs at list once a week on my TV as well, but sometimes even several times a day. As you said, this happens also to some other brands as well. I also think it could be due to buggy firmware, be it either the operating system or some installed application (either from the app store or belonging to the built-in SW distribution). However the issue, is not limited to this kind of symptom, sometimes the TV is responsive, sometimes it is not responsive at all to the remote commands. Even more, blank screen occurs sometimes only on the HD channels, sometimes it involves the SD channels, too; the receiver being responsive to the remote commands in both cases. Along with other symptoms such as improper handling of the resolution on the VGA port as well as the impossibility of turning on/off the receiver until the power cord has been removed from the wall socket then re-plugged into it, this makes me also believe it is definitely a memory handling problem. The random or irregular happenings emphasize it. Being a SW developer myself with several years experience in firmware development, I can tell you that it is quite hard to pinpoint the error even with the best wishes of the developers. Add to this, that the company will not give off more than one or two firmware updates. Business politics nowadays is to force the customer to buy a new product. Unfortunately, the new product will share some part of the code with other products and huge chances are that the buggy part will be inherited by newer products especially if they were not reported. Besides, the code itself is so huge and complex, there is no single person that knows everything about it. As a conclusion, I adopted the following solution: I inserted a timer between the power cable and the wall socket and it disconnects the TV set for 1 minute during night time, when I do not watch it, then reconnects. DAILY! This is enough to make a so called power cycle and this will clear the memory of the device minimizing the occurrences.

  • Al

    Whilst it’s commendable you have a solution, surely this means that tv’s are being manufactured with this known problem remaining un- resolved. Everything dies after a time but when it comes to technology, there should be an expectation that the item should work for a reasonable duration. It’s a shameful situation that people don’t push the manufacturers to fix the issue and guarantee products for more than a year. However much one pays for a TV you are only paying for a year and strangely you can guarantee the issue arises more frequently months after the expiration of the guaranteed time and less rarely before. This shows that the life guaranteed period is gauged to the benefit of the manufacturer – exploitation.