How to Fix Samsung TV Black Screen

So this one will be for those who are getting the Black Screen problem on their Samsung Smart TV. The issue involves as its suggested a persistent black screen that comes on and wont go away. This makes using your TV very hard as you cant see anything.

My guide will walk you through everything I use to deal with said issue when it happens on your Samsung TV. You will find the video guide and written directions for the fix below.

Samsung TV Black Screen Fix Video Tutorial:

The video guide will take you through the process and show you everything you need to know to fix any your Samsung Smart TV.

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How to Fix Samsung Smart TV Black Screen Problem?

In order to fix the Black screen problem on your Smart TV go ahead and do the following

1.Go ahead and plug your TV out at the wall. Wait 1 minute and plug the TV in again to power cycle it.Turn the TV on again and see if the Black screen is fixed.

2.If above failed do the same thing again by plugging the TV out and while the TV is plugged out hold the power button on the TV for one minute. This will drain any residual power in the TV. Plug the TV back in and power on once again and the problem should be fixed.

3.This one is mainly for TV with a Black screen and may or may not display a no signal text on screen with the black display.Look on your remote and locate the source button at the top of the remote and make sure the device that connected to the TV you want to display is on such as cable box, Game console.

Once you switch to the correct source the black screen will go away and the TV will start showing again.

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