How to Enable Eye Comfort Shield Samsung Galaxy 2

My guide will show you How to Enable Eye Comfort Shield Samsung Galaxy devices. This is a very cool new feature that replaces the Blue light Filter. This feature is more advanced and dynamically adjusts itself through the day and mainly adjust the display through the night so it does not affect your eyes and sleep overall.

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Video Tutorial:

The video tutorial will show you how to turn on or enable this new feature called Eye Comfort Shield.

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How to Enable Eye Comfort Shield?

So to turn the Eye comfort shield formally known as Blue light filter on your Samsung Galaxy do the following

1.Make sure your Samsung Galaxy is updated with the latest updates.

2.Go to the notification area.

3.Swipe down again to access the quick toggles. Swipe from the right to the left the toggle for the setting should be on the second page.

4.Tap to turn on the Eye Comfort Shield. Long press to see more detailed settings.


1.You can access the same settings by going to settings on your phone.

2.Go next to display.

3.Look on the page to turn on Eye Comfort shield or tap the text to see detailed settings to customize it.

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2 thoughts on “How to Enable Eye Comfort Shield Samsung Galaxy

  • Anand Gupta

    Concerning eye safety purpose, Is it safe to turn “Eye comfort shield ” on in day time too? Or we should turn it on at night (sunset to sunrise) only ?

    • Ricardo Post author

      Good question as for me I keep mine turned on all the while and most noticeable effect is at night, I assume its also doing something in the day as the blue light is produced constantly by the display.