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When you go to your call log you tend to only see call information presented. How cool would it be though if you could also have your Samsung Galaxy display Text Message or Messages received in your call log or those sent.

This can be a great way to remember what happened on what day and what calls as well as what messages were received or sent during that period. So follow along now as I show you in this article on: Samsung Galaxy How to Show Messages in Call Log.

Why Do this?

You call log normally only shows calls and not any messages about text and when they were sent or received, By turning this feature on you will also see messages history with your call history. Great for piecing back together what was done when.

How to Enable this Feature?

On your Samsung Galaxy especially newer ones the feature should be easy to enable

1.Make sure your Samsung Galaxy is updated to the latest version.

2.Click on your dialer.

3.Go to Recent calls.

4.Click the three dots upper right and select: Show Messages and go back to recent calls or call log and notice now it shows all your messages too and when they were received and sent.

Thats it guys on this guide please share the tip shown here as this is a cool feature that can be easily missed by Samsung users that can improve the utility of their phone.

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