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The DuckDuckGo browser is a very cool web browser that Integrates the DuckDuckGo search engine. My guide today will show you How to Switch DuckDuckGo to Dark Theme.

It not only gives everything a nice look it can really makes the browser look fresh. I personally like to keep the feature on once I found it. Plus it makes the screen easier to look at especially at night.

Why do this?

This is only a cosmetic touch up that changes the look of everything as it relates to the browser and what you see. Regardless it something you may want to try on your device as its really cool feature.

How to Enable Dark Mode on DuckDuckGo?

To enable the DuckDuckGo Dark Mode do this

1.Launch the DuckDuckGo Browser.

2.Click the three dots upper right.

3.Go to settings.

4.Finally under general turn off the toggle where it says Light theme. Notice the dark theme will now be on and that’s it.

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One thought on “How to Switch DuckDuckGo to Dark Theme

  • layke

    I just want someone to cover this for Android’s Firefox version of DDG. They seem to give firefox users a different view entirely. There’s no 3-line menu like in Chrome/Brave. It’s so weird.