Samsung Dex Setup

If you own a Samsung Smartphone a very cool feature you should definitely give a try is Samsung Dex. You virtually have a full fledged desktop in your pocket and Samsung desk allows you to transition from a mobile environment in your phone to more of a desktop feel.

This guide will show you the easiest way to setup Samsung desk so you can start using it or simply check it out.This can be done of your TV, Monitor or even a PC you have. The interface is very intuitive and if you know your phones interface you will have no issue with this one.

What you will need?

1.Your existing Samsung smartphone.

2.A TV or Monitor

3.USB Type-C cable.

Your Monitor or TV should have a USB Type-C connection or you will need a cable or converter dongle that can do HDMI to USB Type-C.

Video Tutorial:

Watch my video tutorial to see Samsung Dex in action and how to set it up.

Click Play

How to Setup Samsung Dex the Easy way?

This method is not the only method as you can do a wireless setup, get a dock to hook up mouse, keyboard and so on but this is the easiest that requires less hassle or avoiding you buying extra stuff.

1.Make sure your phone is up to date with the latest software and Samsung Dex feature.Check if the feature is available by going to:Settings,Advanced features and then Samsung Dex.

(Optional)You don’t have to turn the feature on from here but if you wish click the text.Turn on the feature:Choose your setup and follow direction. You can see Samsung Dex settings in the upper right three dots.

2.Personally I simply connect the USB-C cable to my phone and to the monitor. The phone usually automatically detects the phone and ask of you want to launch desk.Go ahead and do so. If it does not prompt you then the optional step above will be necessary.

3.You will see the Samsung Desk appear on screen with a familiar desktop feel. Use your screen as a track pad and it works as a traditional laptop track pad. Remember the portrait orientation is how the phone is to be held by default.

You will see your settings,Apps, Browsers and everything as on your phone simply navigate and use your device as you would a desktop/smartphone.

Want More?

To enhance the experience you would need a Dock to add a mouse and keyboard to really make things perfect. You don’t have to do this as doing as shown above is enough.If you want to conveniently use Samsung desk more though check out this dock which will allow for additional of peripherals such as mouse and keyboard to be added.

Make sure any dock you get if you so choose to get one is compatible with your phone before getting it.

What do you think?

I personally like Samsung Dex its definitely worth playing with as you may find some utility from it. Overall I find it easy to use and Samsung may have something here, but only time will tell especially if they perfect the feature and make deployment even easier with just the phone.

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