Brave Browser Clear Cache

If you use Brave Browser for the Privacy there is one thing that you should definitely learn to use and that is the clear cache option that is in your settings.

This way you can clear the temporary files stored in the cache of your browser manually. If you have any feedback please use the comment section below.

Why do this?

Clearing the cache can be a great way to free up space by getting rid of temporary files stored on your browser, speed up your browser and even fix issues at times with websites not loading or loading properly.

Video Tutorial:

This is my video tutorial and guide to show you the steps.

Click Play

How to Clear Cache Brave Browser?

To clear your Cache on the Brave Browser try the following

1.Launch Brave Browser.

2.Click three lines upper right and click settings.

3.In the left panel and choose security and privacy.

4.Click Clear Browsing data and set the time range to All time.

5.Make sure Cached Images and files is selected and clear data when ready.

Doing the above will clear your cache but remember to restart the browser. That’s it you can now go about what you were doing before.

Please share your feedback and take some time now to share the guide as it would be greatly appreciated.

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